Leatherman Raptor Emergency Medical Multitool Available for Pre-Order from NAR

We broke the story on the Leatherman Raptor Emergency Medical Multitool during last year’s SOMA Conference. Designed specifically for use by medical personnel, the Raptor is a compact, folding shear.

Leatherman Raptor Emergency Medical Multitool

Now, it’s available for pre-order from North American Rescue.

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6 Responses to “Leatherman Raptor Emergency Medical Multitool Available for Pre-Order from NAR”

  1. Bobby davro says:

    Anyone know if its autoclave friendly or any chemical disinfection cons??? Have looked into the product info but can’t find anything

    • JN says:

      You mean it doesn’t have the autoclave in it?What kind of medical multitool is that, anyway?

  2. Buckaroomedic says:

    Yikes! $70 for a fancy pair of trauma shears?!?!? I guess they’re paying EMS a lot better than when I worked the streets.

  3. Ben says:

    Will be ordering. Don’t have enough space left on my kit for a full size pair of shears.

  4. Gabe says:

    Expensive yes, but I think Leatherman is an expert in quality specialty hand tools. EMS is in need of advancements in technology. The real test of its value will come upon this device being field tested. On a side note, as a Medic I have personally needed a ring cutter and one was not available. I hope this feature is built solidly.

  5. Bob Davis says:

    Have seen this on many sites and you are the only ones that advertise a pre-order for this item. Any idea how much it costs? I mean with shipping and all, out the door? I want to pre-order one, but need to know how much first and the specific date on when they will be out. So please let us know. Been watching this item for over a month now and cannot wait.