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Warrior West – Steiner

The Steiner 8 x 30 LRF is a compact bino with built in laser range finder. The LRF has a range out to 1700 m for hard targets and 1200 for soft targets and can be set for meters or yards with a simple double click. Additionally, it can be used for single measurements or in scan mode.


Unlike other brands with a center focus knob, this model incorporates an auto focus feature. It’s also waterproof to 5 meters. With a CR2 battery (not a typo) you can expect 5000 measurements and it turns itself off in less than a minute to save battery life with zero latency when restarted.


One Response to “Warrior West – Steiner”

  1. Terry says:

    Why do manufacturers insist on using CR2 batteries? The CR123 is only slightly larger, but you can actually find those…