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Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Steiner G29 Optik 1

A sniper rifle is only as good as you can shoot it. The result is a combination of weapon and optics, ammunition and man. We were able to admire the result of a new procurement of the Bundeswehr from SPARTANAT during a company visit in Bayreuth near Steiner Optics and then test it on the range: The Haenel RS9 is the official G29, mounted on the new Steiner Military 5-25 × 56 target telescope. The German specialists have opted for this combination. 115 weapons with Steiner optics have been successfully delivered to the Bundeswehr. They are now played by KSK and KSM.

Steiner G29 Optik 2

In the course of various foreign assignments of the German Federal Armed Forces, the need for the replacement of the G22 manifested itself. A corresponding order for the acquisition of a new medium-range sniping rifle was tendered by the Federal Armed Forces in 2014. The well-established German company C.G. Haenel GmbH won this tender – the new G29 is standardly equipped with a Steiner Military 5-25×56 scope on a Recknagel Era Tac-mount.

Steiner G29 Optik TReMoR3

The Steiner Military 5-25×56 features a TReMoR3 reticle and is a scope of highest optical quality that has specifically been designed for tactical and military operations. A high magnification combined with a large adjustment range extend field-relevant shooting distances beyond 1.500 meters. The 5x – 25x zoom displays the extreme versatility of these optics while the objective lens diameter of 56mm provides an outstanding visibility even in lowest light.

Steiner G29 Optik 4

The TReMoR3™ reticle is all about shooting faster. It is field-proven to make wind and elevation calls possible in a matter of seconds. The reticle also allows one to accurately mil targets very quickly using the chevron 1/10 mil marks.

Steiner G29 Optik 6

The Steiner Military scope has been built to defy any challenges in the field uncompromisingly. Its excellent optical performance with world-class light transmission far beyond 90%, in combination with the legendary Steiner ruggedness let this scope be the ultimate premium precision optics for any tactical and military application.

Steiner G29 Optik Steiner Logo

Steiner Optic

As a traditional local manufacturer, Steiner Optic from Bayreuth, Germany, evolved to be the biggest specialized producer of premium binoculars. From the 1950s onwards, Steiner Optic specialized in the field of optics to develop their products further. As a result, they can claim global leadership today and assert this position annually. Now again, Steiner Optic can look back at a very successful year. In 2016, they were able to strengthen their market position. Steiner Optic was able to increase their sales by over ten percent, thanks to increasing sales figures in Germany and abroad as well as in the military sector. Following these developments, Steiner Optic can look back at a very successful year, which motivates the Bayreuth specialists to expand their market position further and to keep their leading position in innovating and producing premium binoculars.

STEINER OPTICS: www.steiner-defense.com

HAENEL DEFENCE: www.cg-haenel.de/defence-en

SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

Steiner – M-Series LRF

Friday, October 2nd, 2015

At DSEI, Steiner Optics showed us the M-830r LRF, a binocular that integrates a Laser Range Finder.  It will range targets from 25m to beyond 6,000m.  


The laser range finder is a class 1 eyesafe laser, and this 8×30 power bino offers the Steiner Universal Mil Reticle (SUMR) for ranging in case of battery failure.  What’s more, the laser is out of band for NVGs so your adversaries won’t see your laser.  



DSEI – Beretta Defense Systems / Steiner

Friday, September 18th, 2015

The Steiner Intelligent Combat Sight is issued to the Italian Army for use with their ARX-160 assault rifle. But this isn’t a simple carbine optic. This 6 x 40 scope incorporates a laser rangefinder as well as a ballistic calculator into the sight.


It’s simple to use. The shooter simply pushes the remote tape switch to activate an an eyesafe laser which determines distance to the target and the sight calculates an illuminated, trajectory-compensated aiming point based on ammunition ballistics, measured distance, and angle to your target out to 800 meters.


Not only does the ICS feature an integral Mil Std 1913 rail, it also offers a Pic rail at the top for MRDS. You’ll also notice back irons built directly into the sight’s body. Adjustable for windage and up to 120 MOA of elevation.


Waterproof to 10m, the ICS relies on a single CR-123A battery.  It’s currently only in use with the Italians but I’d say the two biggest compromises are the fixed 6 power magnification and the relatively big footprint and weight.  It’s a significant sight but as a Steiner salesman pointed out, it can be used with 7,62, 5.56, .300 Blackout and .300 Winmag and would be great with a machine gun.  


Steiner Optics – Mk7 Battle Light

Monday, May 4th, 2015

I ran across something really cool during last week’s Warrior West in San Diego.  Steiner’s 350 lumen Mk7 Battle Light is designed to screw into the magazine tube of a shotgun replacing the factory spring cap.  Activation buttons are on either side.


Available for Remongton 870/1100/1187, Mossberg 500, Benelli M4/Nova, and Beretta 1301.


Warrior West – Steiner 8 x 30 Military LRF (1535 nm)

Thursday, April 30th, 2015


The Steiner 8 x 30 Military LRF (1535 nm) ranges out to 6.5 km on a standard NATO-sized fixed target.  Measurements are available in meters or yards and will work in intermittent or scan mode (1 per second) and features an integrated mil reticle.  Additionally, it’s mil-spec water and shock proof.  

Available June, 2015.


Steiner Optics – Mk7 Battle Light

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

MK 7

Steiner’s Mk7 Battle Light is a miniature 350 lumen white light designed for handheld use. It comes with an included shotgun end cap so it can double as a shotgun light – it slides into the magazine tube and replaces the factory spring end cap. Weights 4.1 oz, features a push button operation with both high and low power settings, and is submersible to 3 meters.


Adams Industries Launches Helmet Mounted Binocular

Friday, August 1st, 2014

bino mount 1

At Warrior West, Adams Industries showed me a prototype concept of a Steiner Binocular that had been modified with an adapter to fit on to a Night Vision Goggle Mount. The idea was that some folks in the reconnaissance and Call For Fire business wanted a means to mount a bino directly to the helmet and pulled down for use during daylight hours for magnified optics. After a few tweaks, the final result is the HELM-BINO-ST which includes the adapter and a STEINER 8×24 TACTICAL Binocular. This particular model was chosen as a balance between size, weight, performance and cost. When you need the magnified binocular vision, you pull them down into place and when they are not needed, you flip them up, just like NVGs. No more binos flopping around on your chest. No more wondering where they are, because they are handy. When it becomes too dark to use the binos, swap them out for NVGs.

-High Definition multi-coated lenses w/ Fast Close Focus from 6′ to infinity. Field of view at 1,000 yards: 375 feet
-Military Grade Rubber Armoring and Waterproofing, Eye cups, submersion to 6 feet
-Mounting systems available for dovetail (PVS-15 style) mounts. Bayonet (PVS-7B style) mounts coming soon!

Currently in production, these are available for order now with EOY funds. KillFlash and Laser Filters available separately.


Warrior West – Steiner

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

The Steiner 8 x 30 LRF is a compact bino with built in laser range finder. The LRF has a range out to 1700 m for hard targets and 1200 for soft targets and can be set for meters or yards with a simple double click. Additionally, it can be used for single measurements or in scan mode.


Unlike other brands with a center focus knob, this model incorporates an auto focus feature. It’s also waterproof to 5 meters. With a CR2 battery (not a typo) you can expect 5000 measurements and it turns itself off in less than a minute to save battery life with zero latency when restarted.