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Steiner Optics – Mk7 Battle Light

I ran across something really cool during last week’s Warrior West in San Diego.  Steiner’s 350 lumen Mk7 Battle Light is designed to screw into the magazine tube of a shotgun replacing the factory spring cap.  Activation buttons are on either side.


Available for Remongton 870/1100/1187, Mossberg 500, Benelli M4/Nova, and Beretta 1301.



9 Responses to “Steiner Optics – Mk7 Battle Light”

  1. SN says:

    Assumes the shooter is using the support hand up by the muzzle. Hopefully a remote activated tape switch will eventually be offered.

    I wonder how it holds up when the shotgun is used for breeching?

  2. SShink says:

    Looks like Laser Devices 2014 product re-branded…
    One Steiner’s website, in the comments on the MK7 page, it says they have no plans to offer a remote switch.
    I like it because there is no great solution for a light on a Benelli M4….bummer this one just isn’t practical.

    • SSD says:

      Yes, early this year, Steiner bought Laser Devices.

      • Further clarification. LDI was purchased from Baretta who already owned Steiner. Steiner became the distribution channel for LDI, but both companies are under Baretta.

  3. Fly on The Wall says:

    That is the perfect accessory for the 870 Express that many folks keep behind a couch or headboard. Elegant solution that keeps the weapon slender and more stowable than clamped on or rail mounted white lights.

  4. james says:

    Might be workable on the semiautos with short mag tubes if the switch can be indexed(thumb activation). Good luck running it on a pump though.

  5. Eric says:

    @ $184 it’s a hard pass for me, great idea though, just not thoughtfully executed.