Adams Industries Launches Helmet Mounted Binocular

bino mount 1

At Warrior West, Adams Industries showed me a prototype concept of a Steiner Binocular that had been modified with an adapter to fit on to a Night Vision Goggle Mount. The idea was that some folks in the reconnaissance and Call For Fire business wanted a means to mount a bino directly to the helmet and pulled down for use during daylight hours for magnified optics. After a few tweaks, the final result is the HELM-BINO-ST which includes the adapter and a STEINER 8×24 TACTICAL Binocular. This particular model was chosen as a balance between size, weight, performance and cost. When you need the magnified binocular vision, you pull them down into place and when they are not needed, you flip them up, just like NVGs. No more binos flopping around on your chest. No more wondering where they are, because they are handy. When it becomes too dark to use the binos, swap them out for NVGs.

-High Definition multi-coated lenses w/ Fast Close Focus from 6′ to infinity. Field of view at 1,000 yards: 375 feet
-Military Grade Rubber Armoring and Waterproofing, Eye cups, submersion to 6 feet
-Mounting systems available for dovetail (PVS-15 style) mounts. Bayonet (PVS-7B style) mounts coming soon!

Currently in production, these are available for order now with EOY funds. KillFlash and Laser Filters available separately.

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29 Responses to “Adams Industries Launches Helmet Mounted Binocular”

  1. mike says:

    I feel like a hundred people are lining up to pan this, but I think this is a really cool idea. The amount of folks who carry and can afford binos is much higher than NV, whether personal or issued. I’m interested in other things that might get adapter plates in the future, like HUDs and such.

  2. D says:

    Depending on what kind of NVG mount you have (i.e. rhino), I see a potential issue of light reflecting off of the eyepiece lens when the binos are stowed.

  3. TV-PressPass says:

    My first instinct is “that’s silly.”

    But if someone in recon asked for it: I suppose they have their reasons.

    • Tungsten says:

      Yeah my first thought too, then I thought about having your hands free to operate your radio etc.

      Might be cool, maybe good to make this for a monocular too.

  4. Chris Adams says:

    Hey Mike, thank you for your kind words. I’ve been braced for the usual onslaught. If we survive here maybe I’ll throw it up on arfcom and see what kind of beatings I can take there.

    Hey D., this is a relevant concern that I will answer in a couple ways. First, some goggle mounts these days have multiple up positions and some tilt the goggles straight up. This is a “your mileage may vary” situation where you should look at your setup and make sure you are comfortable with the results. Second, while the flip-up capability is probably the coolest part of this, it still has merit even if you prefer to drop the goggles from the mount when not in use. That way you still have the hands free (and therefore hands not fatigued) aspect and you still get the benefit of what amounts to a free stabilization system in the form of your neck. Oh yeah, and the goggles are fixed at a comfortable distance from your eyes so no more black eyes when something jars the goggles in your hands.

    • Strike-Hold says:

      Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea! In my days as an Infantry Fire-Team and Squad Leader, there were MANY times when I wanted to get a closer look at the terrain ahead, scout out an objective or danger area from a safe distance, etc. And having to carry binos on my chest or in a pouch was FAR from ideal.

      So, all I have to say is: Take my money! 🙂

      I do have a question though – is the eye relief on these binos long enough that you can use them while wearing eye protection, or would you need to remove your eye pro first?

    • Toby says:

      I have been working with Chris now for some time and we discuss ideas to look at the real world application and use. I can tell you that this makes a ton of sense. Now before anyone wants to try to throw me or Chris under the bus consider if you do have to use magnifying optic in the field on a regular basis this beats having to hand carry or store the optic in your pack or a small pouch big enough to store said optic. This allows in the day time the use of instant use of magnification. Not to mention it frees up space on your rifle. A lot of my team mates and myself included have given up on some of the flip to side magnifying optics (namely EoTechs) because they loose their setting easily in the field. So you end up carrying the magnifier because you want the ability to see further in. This in the right application has a real place. Especially in the turret or for vehicle commanders. Take away from this what you want to but to say this is just some “tacticool” piece of kit is in my professional opinion missing the practical application and not looking forward

    • Jamie Wehmeyer says:

      I wanted this back in 2003. As an Armor Crewman your arms get tired as shit looking out at the horizon for people sneaking up on your AA.

  5. Chris Adams says:

    Hey Strike-Hold: If you insist then I will take your money!

    To your question the answer is a couple layers deep. The eye relief listed by STEINER on this product is 14mm which if you wear glasses that are snug to the face will work. If you need more space then you can fold down or even remove the rubber eyecups. So yes, 90% of the time you’ll be fine. I’m sure there’s at least one guy out there with special glasses who will have an issue.

  6. Angry Misha says:

    Didn’t Insight have the same thing at the ADS Federal Range day? Yeah, someone asked for it (I’m still trying to find out who). However, I don’t see this being a big seller. No offense to the inventor, but I’ve never needed to rapidly deploy my binos

    However, I could see a JTAC or FO maybe needing it because they may have both hands occupied.

    • SSD says:

      Yes, and hence, the requirement.

      • Angry Misha says:

        I figured as much. So, considering that this the second “concept” I’ve seen, is this a modified CoTS response to an actual AFSOC solicitation or market research? And if so, I’m going to ascertain that it has some sort of MIL scale?

        I’m not knocking Adams Industries, but I thought the Insight ones were smaller and lighter. However, if this is indeed an actual requirement that leads to a competition, I’m sure this will be a shoe in if it’s based on LPTA.

        Why did they choose the Steiner binos and not provide a kit for the existing 7×24 M24 binos?

        Oh, and FYI, this isn’t a new concept per se:

        • SSD says:

          Yes, the combat reform concept has been mentioned earlier but like the Insight model, was never a production item. These are. M24s would suck hanging from a helmet. Most guys I know use smaller models they can carry in their vest.

          • Angry Misha says:

            I know that “ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain” but these are only 2oz lighter than the M24 lol.

            Seriously, I would just make a kit for the M24


            • Toby says:

              I hate that statement because that has transitioned into making kit that doesn’t last and not pushing the actual companies that make our military equipment( radios, batteries, weapon supporting equipment, ext.) to start to actually push to lighten everything up. I have been doing this over 20 years and the one pound I save by switching to a lighter, cheaper, and less durable piece of load bearing equipment makes no sense to me. I understand the arguement but it is miss spoken and miss used.

  7. Kevin says:

    I think Mike Sparks beat them to it by a few years:

    • Chris Adams says:

      Kevin – not claiming it is my pinnacle moment of invention. Simple fact is that the product appears to be needed and nobody is making it, until now. If people like the product then we will be happy to make it for them. If they don’t then I’ll go back to my tinkering bench until I come up with something else to throw out to the mercies of the internet.

      • SSD says:

        He’s just being facetious.

        • Angry Misha says:

          And a insight is also making it

          • Toby says:

            Ya but Insight is NOT Adams Industries. Period. His stuff is bomb proof. I should have destroyed his mounts and his Sentinel several times and yet my face or the object I have impacted looses and his equipment wins.

  8. Kevin says:

    Mr. Adams,

    I apologize; I tossed off a quick note on this without conveying my complete thoughts. I have been pretty familiar with the Combat Reform stuff for a few years and every now and then some of the ideas from there make it into the mainstream-no disrespect intended. This does look like a slick setup for the intended purpose and I am always glad to see the guys at the sharp end get what they want and need from craftsmen such as yourself!

    • Chris Adams says:

      Hey Kevin – seriously I did not take offense. You were right. I just happen to make stuff for a living and it made sense to me that people might need this. So no harm no foul.

  9. Alan Covey says:

    This is a solid idea, if the eye relief part isn’t an issue. Also, might need to consider that if you wear protective lenses/goggles, as they make most ordinary binos a pain to use.
    And, Mike Sparks…wonder what’s gonna happen when that 2008 video comes up in a patent search. Mike was an interesting guy ‘back in the Bragg/Folding Parachute Bike and Spork-with-a-razor blade attachment days. He coulda been a bazillionaire by now.