Warrior West – Steiner 8 x 30 Military LRF (1535 nm)


The Steiner 8 x 30 Military LRF (1535 nm) ranges out to 6.5 km on a standard NATO-sized fixed target.  Measurements are available in meters or yards and will work in intermittent or scan mode (1 per second) and features an integrated mil reticle.  Additionally, it’s mil-spec water and shock proof.  

Available June, 2015.


2 Responses to “Warrior West – Steiner 8 x 30 Military LRF (1535 nm)”

  1. Francis says:

    Does it have GPS built in to provide target location?

  2. Airborne_fister says:

    Can you use it as the same for fire support? Over seas we had a LRF that you could lock onto the where ther round impacted. Then walk the finder over to your target and it would give you the correction and deviation of the rounds to target.