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A Glimpse At The Brookwood Patterns

Could these be your next Army camouflage patterns?


(Photo – Texcel)

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42 Responses to “A Glimpse At The Brookwood Patterns”

  1. Kris says:

    Woodland flash back.

  2. dickydoodee says:

    like it better than multicamp

  3. Dan says:

    Woo! You came through for us. Though its hard to gauge effectiveness based on strips of 1″ webbing.

  4. Jesse says:

    They let you release the holy grail.

  5. Army Doc says:

    These teases are brutal, what I really want is the full story instead of these teases that just keep stringing me along… but the teases are better than nothing?

    Since I know you cannot release anything regarding the patterns till Big Army makes their dang announcement can you instead tell us if you have heard anything through the grape vine on why it is taking them so long to come out and say anything?

  6. Ken says:

    SSD, you sir are an ass. Quit teasing and just tell us! (By the way, that was said in jest)

  7. Jon says:

    Ooh, pretty!
    Also, thanks for the link! They have all kinds of printed webbing there.

  8. name says:

    Well, this looks completely different than the watercolor-looking samples we saw before:


    Why is Brookwood intent on revealing as little as possible? There are full uniforms and gear in videos and pictures all over the Internet from the other 3.

    • Michael says:

      Other 3? I have seen examples of ADS & Kryptek’s entries. But no sign of Crye’s entry, unless their pattern is so effective you don’t see it.

    • bob says:

      Has Crye revealed anything about their family of patterns? I thought they were being even more tight lipped than brookwood.

    • Jesse says:

      Webbing and fabric are two different things.

    • OC Tactical says:

      Brookwood actually had their patterns on display at the Shot Show so they haven’t been keeping it a secret. They said the fabric is ready to be released, they are just waiting on the Army to announce a winner. They said they were going to start selling the fabric regardless if they win or not.

      If I recall correctly the final version of the woodland was different then pictures that were previously released.

      • SSD says:

        They allowed me to photograph the patterns at Summer OR but they will not give me permission to publish the photographs.

        • BradKAF308 says:

          Well that’s silly. What’s the problem? Chinese nock-offs will show up in double quick time anyway so that can’t be it. SSD your source for camo porn. Camo-porn an oxymoron?

  9. Monster says:

    Can any body just pick a pattern for the Army and stick with it. Since I have Been out they have gone through at least 2 patterns, these ones are cool but can we stick with it for awhile?

  10. Matt says:

    Interesting thing about the link is that there is only one US4CES color. I would assume that means that pattern shown is the OCIE pattern. Though I’m not a huge fan of US4CES they do have the best OCIE option. I’m still interested in seeing Crye’s family of patterns, considering we have only seen their transitional pattern (though they might even have a newer transitional than MultiCam).

  11. Jon Meyer says:

    Do not like them at all. Horrendous. So far my pick is US4CES but I am bettin Crye’s is even better. I am not sure but does anyone know if the people who make A-Tacs made any entries that didn’t make the cut? I personally think what they currently have out is better than any of these.

    • Jon Meyer says:

      Forgot to add these look like they redid woodland and 3 color desert and blended them for a transitional. Horrid.

    • Matt says:

      I don’t know if A-TACS even applied since they only have 2 patterns (not including LE). They have no woodland pattern.

      • SSD says:

        Digital Concealment Systems submitted along with the 20 initial companies. They did not submit A-TACS but rather an actual family of patterns developed specifically for the solicitation. They sent us a statement that they were not downselected over a year ago.

    • Ryan says:

      The patterns aren’t a fashion statement (no matter what the USAF seems to think), they are to help you blend in with your surroundings. It’s kinda hard to judge their effectiveness when such a tiny sample is put up against a white background. If it works, I certainly wouldn’t complain.

      • Jon Meyer says:

        @Ryan: Why I said on the recent US4CES post that it doesn’t matter which one wins as long as the most effective one is selected. Just stating that these Brookwood patterns are not easy on the eyes. If it performs on top then let it get selected.

  12. rrossouw says:

    If you want to see the patterns in B/W you can visit the US patent office and do a search.
    Found MC (regular and MTP), Brookwoods and Crye patterns.
    No US4CES yet, maybe at Canadian patent office or it’s described using cryptic terms.


    • JEFF says:

      The picture of the actual uniform looks way better than the sample picture floating around. Not sure I’m sold on it compared to the others but it looks to be an improvement over UCP.

      Anybody have pics of the crye submission?

  13. K. Dominic Cincotti says:

    The biggest findings published to date on the US Army Camo Improvement Program are that:
    1) There is no such thing as “Universal” Camouflage”
    2) The more specific the camouflage pattern is to the actual site specific area of operation, the more successful the camouflage functions.

    These are Major findings. Even more so than the camo patterns selected.

    Focus on US Patent Filings on the PROCESSES to create unlimited camouflage patterns. This is the long term, best approach by the US Government to ensure that the same mistakes aren’t repeated.

    I thought that reposting this might offer some insight into what comes NEXT…and where this applies:
    “apparently they have realized that even 3 patterns are not specific enough”

    Again, SSD great site, great coverage and great group of people responding.

  14. Mike B. says:

    Thanks Matt for those pics.

    I hadn’t seen this pattern before today. So great to know there is a 5th camo out there..

    I think that MC will win, but maybe that’s me thinking they already are using it.. but then again this is the Army, and they have proven time again and again they know how to wast money.. The only pattern I really don’t like is the Hyperstealth. We don’t need a digital square camo pattern. We need something that blurs bends, bleeds, and work close and far.. I also think that the Hyper Stealth matches too closely with too many other countries camos that are out there. Jordan, A-Stan etc..

    I still think that MC is best, and I have seen pics of their pattern using other colours, browns etc… Back several years ago I spoke to Greg Thompson about this, and he told be they could change the colours to match what ever zone was needed in their production.. So I’d like to see this being done with MC to get a better idea of it in a woodland colour.. more greens..

  15. Mike B. says:

    @ K.Dominic,

    I re-read the SSN link and totally agree. Skillcrafts seem to have become weaker. We always used camo face paint when I was serving back int he 80’s-90’s. We used to camo our helmet covers, But now I get this impression that every soldier on the battle field is in CAG and running around wearing all this high speed gear, but missing the basics.. What happened to face paint, helmet camo, I have seen some being used by some units. Rangers, and 10th Mountain Div. but that’s been about it.. does seem that painting your weapon is going well, or at least some times you see it. I still don’t understand why the military is still running around with a black Rifle?? Seems that US troops are being forced or choosing to only use the roads in A-Stan, we were taught to stay off of the beaten path, to chose our own route, and never cover the same route but once. You want to defeat IEDs stay off the roads.. All this airpower and we are still driving around over there.. You hardly ever hear of a US soldier killed in enemy fire, mostly IEDs?? Why.. All the money we’ve spent over there and we seem to be running around like it was day one..

    Anyway, back to Camo.. I’ve noticed that the Marines are also going with CT only rucks now. At least a batch of pics I saw showing this..

  16. These are great patterns, well thought out and eaisly printed on all KIT.

  17. matt says:

    If Cryes patterns doent get choosen they will probably just push them over to SOCOM as a new geneation of exclusive patterns such as that AOR buissness.

  18. Clay says:

    For some reason, the woodland sample reminds me of Mitchel pattern.

  19. Jon Meyer says:

    I don’t know where you guys found the patterns on those patent searches but I can’t find them.

  20. Adam says:

    Good, get rid of those pixels. I’m tired of the fad.