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A Glimpse At The Brookwood Patterns

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Could these be your next Army camouflage patterns?


(Photo – Texcel)

Despite Reports to the Contrary the US Army Has NOT Chosen a New Camouflage

Monday, November 5th, 2012

About a month ago, a deployed reader informed us that he had heard that the US Army had selected a new camouflage pattern. He sent us a simple, two page PPT that he has received via email and showed the pattern as well as a few made up dates for issue. Overall, it was a sophomoric attempt but he asked us to confirm his suspicions that it was untrue. After looking at it I had my doubts but in the offhand that it might have been a local distillation of an official announcement I sent it to the PAO at PEO Soldier. Their reply? It was an interesting fake. Remember, idle hands do the devil’s work. I’d say someone was bored and decided to pull a prank. It seems to have gotten out of hand. I’m not going to post the PPT or the alleged winner because the finalist was just as surprised to see it as PEO Soldier was. Since the initial incident I’ve had to field queries from the field numerous times, so I’m using this bully pulpit to help stem the flow of misinformation.

You may see this PPT floating around email, especially if deployed. Alternatively, it may have been printed out and posted on a unit bulletin board. Regardless of where you see it, it is untrue. If your chain of command sends it to you, politely request that they check with PEO Soldier.

The easiest way to tell it’s a fake? When have you ever seen a Power Point presentation that was only 2 slides? And consider this, have you ever seen a PPT without the issuing unit’s logo all over it?

Please remember, the US Army Camouflage Improvement Effort has downselected to four families of patterns from:

-ADS Inc as Prime, partnered with Guy Cramer
-Brookwood Companies
-Crye Precision

As they continue to conduct research, I wouldn’t expect any word on a selection for a month at least. Don’t worry, if we hear anything tangible, we’ll they you know. Until then, Keep Calm and Reload (the page).