Warrior West – Salomon

ADS Inc ran an exclusive production run of the 4D Quest in Brown after Salomon dropped the color last year. It’s a lightweight, Gore-tex lined boot that I my go-to model for serious terrain. See the video here.


Available this Summer for Unit and Agency purchase from ADS Inc and for individual sale from Tactical Distributors.


13 Responses to “Warrior West – Salomon”

  1. Billy says:

    Gore-Tex line boots and Summer….No thanks!
    And only in certain winter conditions.

    Feet in Gore-Tex swimming pool are a non-starter.

    Why do nearly all boot manufacturers think Gore-Tex is the answer to all dampness problems?

    Thankfully, Lowa and AKU still offer excellent boots sans gore-Tex!

  2. Stuart Neilson says:

    Wot Billy says…

  3. Captain Smoof says:

    Agreed! I think people just need enough experience with wet feet to realize it’s not a big deal.

    That said, if you KNOW you don’t have to cross any streams, etc, then a waterproof lining can be nice to guarantee some dry dogs.

  4. Cameron says:

    My feet sweat like crazy anyways, the little bit of GoreTex in most boots has a very negative effect.

    • Cameron says:

      Has very little negative effect. I wish I could blame that mistake on anything but being retarded early in the AM!

  5. HD says:

    I remember buying a a pair of goretex over socks from Ranger Joes in Columbus in the days leading up to Ranger school.

    One of the best sock/ boot combo I wore for years after was wicking liner socks, wool/ synth boots, gore tex socks, and OD jungle boots.

    Nice thing was if the environment changed, it was easy to change socks/ go up/ down as necessary.

  6. SSD says:

    Holy thread hijacks. How did a story about an exclusive color of a boot turn into a diatribe about Gore-tex in footwear?

    • Billy says:


      I didn’t really see my intitial comment as a hijack since Gore-Tex is an integral component of the boot. And as such, is worthy of discussion.

      I have worn out 4 pairs of non Gore-Tex Salmons. Great products!

      As far a s dampness…

      I recall my basic training where we stopped on forced marches and every stream crossing and the platoon Sargent/squad leaders were responsible ensuring everybody dried their feet, powdered up and put on dry socks.

      Unless you younger guys have had some sort of evolutionary advancement over the VN era guys, I suspect trench foot remains a severe disable amongst troops. I would guess , over the past 10 years, 99% of most deploying troops have not operated in environments where constantly wet, humid conditions prevail.

      Finally, count your blessing if your DNA gives you dry feet. I guess I’m still way down the DNA chain as my feet sweat profusely, even barefooted!

  7. BirkAk says:

    To bring the topic back on track:

    I saw a Salomon Quest 4D GTX in ALL tan a couple of years ago. I wonder why they never put that in production? Anyways, that color is awesome! Too bad that its for the US only? I live in Denmark: it would be madness ordering Salomon from the states when they are based in France.

    Best boot I have ever had!

  8. Coops says:

    Good news especially as the new colour for the brit army bots is brown

  9. Major_Northeast_City says:

    I’ve owned two pairs of these for the last several years.
    One pair in Autobahn/Flea (Gray) the other in Olive/black.
    Hands down the Salomon 4D Quest boot is superb.
    On one pair I use gutted gray paracord for laces, the Olive green pair I use the default laces.
    Additionally, my Salomon 4D Quest’s get a lot of usage on urban cement pavement, which causes the heel area (where you would usually add a tap) to wear… I neatly/evenly apply black “Shoe Goo” once a month to the outer edge of the heels which saves the heels from wearing down.