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SERKET Teams With Sock Manufacturer Point6

Serket has unveiled their line of Berry compliant US Merino wool socks, designed specifically for the specialized demands of the armed forces and elite law enforcement in collaboration with Point6.

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“Serket set out to find the best wool sock in the outdoor industry and all roads led straight to Point6,”said Serket President, Trey Harris. “Point6 founder Peter Duke is one of the originators of the high-performance, high-quality Merino wool sock. This partnership allows Serket to bring the best the outdoor industry has to offer to the men and women of the armed forces.”

The Serket line of socks use the highest quality Merino wool fibers combined with state-of-the-art spinning and knitting techniques to create exceptionally soft Merino products. A high-tech spinning process allows for implementation of more Merino fibers per inch, creating remarkably soft wool that is never scratchy, itchy or bulky and more resistant to pilling and wear than traditional wool. I’ve been wearing the two models shown in the photos for the past few weeks and they are great. Granted, I’m quite familiar with the Point6 brand, and won’t hesitate to recommend them. My experience with Point6 is that they are heardwearing yet very comfortable.

Serket Tan

Available in Light, Mid and Heavy Weights, the socks are offered in a variety of heights to effectively interface with a variety of boots and climates. Serket socks are made in the USA with both TAA compliant and Berry compliant Merino wool blends.

-Light, medium and heavy weights
-Mid-calf and lower calf or crew heights
-100% domestically sourced Merino wool
-Engineered with a precise anatomical fit
-Unique looped toe closure which eliminates sewn seam and irritation over toes
-Extra cushioning under foot and around leg to protect against pressure points and boot chaffing
-Ankle brace
-Ventilation panels
-Reinforcement in wear areas
-Arch support
-Deep heel pocket
-Exceptional cross stretch
-Naturally anti-microbial and odor resistant with superior moisture management capabilities
-Available colors include Coyote Brown, Desert Sand, Predator Tan and Black.
Serket Black 2

Early evaluation among users in the military and LE communities has yielded very positive reviews. A forward deployed operator with NSW Team Four remarked, “I am highly impressed with the Serket-Point6 sock. It holds up well, remains comfortable and seems to be the best balance I have seen between comfort and durability. “
For more information or to hear what other customers have to say about the Serket sock, contact them at info@serketusa.com .

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11 Responses to “SERKET Teams With Sock Manufacturer Point6”

  1. John W says:

    Where can we buy them?

  2. Will says:

    The Point 6 site only carries the commercial product – for the military product highlighted here – sales@serketusa.com

  3. Ipkiss says:

    I’m still waiting for a combat sock with separate toes.

  4. Major_Northeast_City says:

    I see no where to purchase the socks shown in this post or alternatively on the serketusa or Point 6 site web sites.
    But I’m having fun looking at the pics. ;)>

  5. Aaron says:

    This is their recommendation for the tactical market on their website: http://www.point6.com/collections/tactical

  6. Casey says:

    Nice. I’ve been wearing nothing but SmartWool and Point6 for the past two years. They’re worth every penny.

  7. Cory McCarty says:

    Excellent product, been wearing a pair off and on for 3 months. Highly recommend for anybody who spends time on their feet.