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The New Face of Rocktape

Rocktape is a syndicate member of Costa Ludus so it should come as no surprise that they have chosen him as their front man for the first responder market.


RockTape is a hi-tech athletic kinesiology tape that can be used to treat a wide variety of sports injuries or increase performance by increasing blood flow to applies areas.

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20 Responses to “The New Face of Rocktape”

  1. Jess Banda says:

    Still not certain how, besides the designs, this is different/an improvement from regular kinesio tape.

  2. You've got to be kidding me says:

    Jesus Christ, I’ve seen it all. I guess he doesn’t want to fatigue his forearms with all that shooting. You are a weak dick if you need to wear some shit like this.

  3. Gregory says:

    It has superior adhesive qualities. It really does.

    • dickydoodee says:

      Feels like snake oil, but I don’t like to make assumptions.

      • Gregory says:

        It’s not. I use this shit in clinic. It sticks better than other brands.

  4. Joe Walsh says:

    Seriously? Costa? Enough already…

  5. reader says:

    steve jobs?

  6. bob says:

    What’s with the shield??? Is he a pretend LEO now, or an honorary Deputy? Jeeze….

  7. B307 says:

    Why is everybody picking on costa? When you shoot as much ammo as he does, you will start to develop carpal tunnel I know plenty of professional competitive shooters that use it too. Yes he is a reserve LEO. Not to mention a really great instructor and talented shooter, and frankly guys, I think if we could a get a company like rock tape to pay our bills so we could buy more guns, ammo, or go on vacation to a warm beach we would all be on board too.

    • SSD says:

      Absolutely. I know a lot of athletes using Rocktape well as similar products.

    • Ben says:

      Well said. Far too much sour vibe for Chris making a living.

      • Joe Walsh says:

        It’s the fact that he’ll promote tactical underwear if you cut him a check. His credibility in promoting product is ZERO. Companies need to realize by simply paying Costa to wear your product doesn’t mean its going to sell, this isnt the NBA, MLB, or Sprite selling soda. It’s old now

        • SSD says:

          If that is the case then the market will prove you out. But from what I’ve seen, that isn’t the case. His endorsement continues to hold sway with consumers.

  8. Jess Banda says:

    Keep in mind, these kind of products only product temporary relief from symptoms, they don’t fix the issue. Bust the lock on your wallet and find a competent bodyworker, who’ll fix the issue…you’ll save money in the long run.

  9. Bill says:

    I’m a believer and long-time user, but stick, pardon the pun, with the original Kinesio brand, and more importantly with the original taping techniques. I also took copious notes and photos while in physical therapy with a for-real physical therapist /sports medicine specialist who had been certified in it’s use, so i can self-apply correctly. Good stuff: no one thinks twice about conventional taping or braces. There are sprays and skin preps that help the adhesion during high heat and humidity. I’m pretty sure one of the companies is making tape in ACU, which I guess would both gain and lose cool points simultaneously.

    I’m probably not that particular model’s biggest fan, but in his defense, no one had heard of the stuff until the Beijing Olympics when beach volleyballer Kerry Walsh showed up in tape and a bikini. I understand that sales and use exploded, and that people were trying everything short of masking and drywall tape.

  10. Sgt. Rock says:

    LOL, a complete hook-up from some fan reserve officer badge in public? What a fucking joke. I assume this is done to fool those that don’t know any better that he is a real LEO. Same reason he wears Multicam and helmets for photos. Not to forget uses the word “Combat” all the time, when all he has ever done is USCG checking to see if you are wearing your life vest.

    The guy and his marketing machine are a joke.

  11. Sn8kedoc says:

    Seems like Mr.Costa needs a Proper Period of Instruction on Position Sul….