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RockTape Partners With 5.11 to Launch New Tactical Line

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Not that long ago we told you that kinesiology tape makes RockTape had brought Chris Costa on board as spokesman. The tape is used to treat a wide variety of sports injuries or increase performance by increasing blood flow to applies areas.


Things certainly seem to be looking up for the brand as they’ve just announced the launch of a new line with 5.11 Tactical. For 5.11 it seems like a great natural progression following their new 5.11 Recon line of training products that include shirts, shorts and footwear.

Costa certainly has a lot of great things to say about RockTape saying in a recent press release, “Pain is a distraction, and you absolutely can’t allow it to affect your focus. You can apply RockTape yourself and it stays on through intense physical activity. You’re not bothered by muscle pain or soreness — you don’t even think about it anymore.”

RockTape weighed in on the deal as well. “We’re committed to helping tactical athletes and first responders with a product that solves the pain problem and a means to improve their performance. RockTape is effective, versatile and affordable. It’s the perfect product to fit in a rucksack or go-bag, which is why we’ve partnered with 5.11 tactical,” said Greg van den dries, CEO of RockTape. “We both believe in providing customers with high quality, effective product that stands up to the requirements of field work.”

And naturally, 5.11 shared their thoughts. “We are like-minded in how we serve this industry says Guy Burgstahler, CMO of 5.11 Tactical. “No doubt, reliable gear and a pain-free experience helps performance which is why we’re glad to partner with RockTape. We know we’re providing customers with the best, most-reliable, useful product that enables them to have a safe, effective outcome.”

This looks to be a pretty big deal for Tony Blauer, RockTape consultant, renowned hand to hand trainer, CEO of BTS Inc and founder of The S.P.E.A.R. System. He commented, “I don’t know of any serious combative athlete that is free of pain. We train hard and our bodies pay the price. RockTape offers structural or muscle support when applied correctly and this can help alleviate many distractions during training — and while training without distractions is vital for every athlete, it’s especially important for an individual in the tactical community.”

All in all, this sounds great, but I wonder how Costa or Blauer will fit into the deal with 5.11 Tactical as it would seem odd for RockTape to continue to market a tactical line concurrent with this new licensing deal.

The New Face of Rocktape

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Rocktape is a syndicate member of Costa Ludus so it should come as no surprise that they have chosen him as their front man for the first responder market.


RockTape is a hi-tech athletic kinesiology tape that can be used to treat a wide variety of sports injuries or increase performance by increasing blood flow to applies areas.


Chris Costa Announces RockTape as New Syndicate Partner

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Chris Costa has announced a new syndicate partner. I’ll certainly say that Costa uses what works. Below is the story of how he learned about RockTape and adopted it. The take away here is that for him, RockTape works but he doesn’t want you using it unless you need it. Otherwise, it would be like hobbling around on crutches when your ankles are fine.

For those that saw me earlier this year I was wearing an ACE wrap on my left arm due to all the shooting and ground work I have been doing this year. I just haven’t had a chance to give my arm a break and there is really no let up in sight. A student that does cross fit showed up in my class recently with this tape on her arm and when I inquired to what it was and did it really work, she wrapped my arm up with this product called RockTape. I, like many others, figured I would just fall victim to a placebo affect and believe that having stretchy tape on my arm was really helping me. I have to say I was dead wrong. My arm normally twitches when I shoot, that twitch was gone and my arm felt almost normal when I was shooting. It gave me support but also increased blood flow that is normally restricted in that area.

RockTape makes many different types based on how aggressive and what environment you may find yourself in, for example water they make a H2O tape. One of the cool things is that this tape lasts for about five days, and yes that means taking a shower with it on. Is RockTape for everyone, NO. Don’t wear it to look cool, wear it if you need it. There are many other applications based on problem areas with the body. Please stop by and check them out.