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Sneak Peek – Vickers Tactical Glock Rear Sight by Wilson Combat


This is a production prototype of a Vickers Tactical Glock rear sight made by Wilson Combat that is about two months out from joining the other Vickers designed Glock parts from Tangodown.


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27 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Vickers Tactical Glock Rear Sight by Wilson Combat”

  1. Jbgleason says:

    SSD, would love some explanation if you know. What’s the hole below the U notch. Did he do a matching front? Tritium option?

  2. Yes the hole is for a tritium insert – we are looking to do a non green rear dot so the focus is drawn to the front brighter dot

    We are looking at different front sight options as well as a plain black rear – this thing has been a long time in development so I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek

    • jbgleason says:

      Great. Thanks for the explanation. I am a huge fan of the plain rear, tritium front option but machining that hole leaves lots of possibilities on the table. It would be really cool if you tapped the hole and then offered screw-in options (i.e. tritium dot, plain dots various colors, white bar for the Sig sight lovers, etc.). If you put the accessory dot/bar/etc on a metal flat that extended to the bottom of the sight, you could screw it into place with the sight off and then when the sight is placed in the dovetail the bar would bottom out against the slide and prevent the part from backing out. Just thinking out loud, too much Monster this AM I guess. Looking forward to seeing one of these in person.

      • jbgleason says:

        BTW. I have done lots of mil med device development work and am all too familiar with “that guy” who shows up and starts critiquing someones hard work. I just reread my comment and realized I am being the Good Idea Fairy. My bad. Sight looks great.

        • Actually the he will not be there on the plain ones – it will have a tritium vial in it for the night site version if course

  3. rmysak says:

    It almost looks like it has the same profile as the combat pyramid sight that came on my Wilson if so I would be a big fan. I was actually telling people the other day I wish they made a sight like that for glocks.

  4. Dave says:

    Mr. Larry,

    Can you PLEASE make some sights for the HK45…the choices are very small and we lack even simple black out “target” or adjustable sights!!!

  5. smg1231 says:

    Looks great! What is the width of the rear notch going to be?

  6. Schütz says:

    LAV, was what I was hoping to replace my Trijicon sights that have more than 15 years.

  7. Norbis says:

    Great… So I bought my G19 because its an “affordable gun to shoot and comes ready to rock out of the box” (compared to experience with my .45). The problem is LAV keeps having these great ideas and I keep telling my wife this is the last one…

    Between my pistols and AR the wife has started referring to my guns as Barbies.

  8. Joe says:

    LAV any chance of getting this in tool steel for the ones of us who wear our Glocks OWB and do single hand drills?

    • The plan is for them to be melonited so they are virtually rust proof like the Glock itself

      The material I’m sure will be the same as the Wilson Battlesight – my guess would be with the meloniting it will be very durable ; should not be an issue

  9. Peshawar says:

    Cool! The sights look really nice. I want to re-shoot the Humbler with these! 😉

    One of the things I noticed in my own very limited experience with Glock sights is that because of variations in the manufacture of the guns, and / or subjective preference, I’ve had the issue where I’ve needed a shorter or taller front sight than what came with the sight set. Having different height front sights for sale separately would be awesome. Maybe that’s already planned.

  10. Joseph says:

    I like that there is sort of a blank partial circle by virtue of how the serrations are cut. I assume it’s so that it’s almost as though you can mentally line up the front in the center of a “circle” — that said, it looks so versatile as it is. People could for sure just pick and choose their own front sight.

  11. Dan C. says:

    Thoughts on a gold bead for the front sight?

    • I have a Gold bead on my 2 primary 1911’s that Wilson built me – not sure it will be offered as a primary option with the Glock sight but I’m sure a blank front could be custom made into one- keep in mind this rear is the height of many if not most of the popular aftermarket Glock sights so different front sights can be used with it

      • Dan C. says:

        Perfect, thanks Larry! A good friend of mine that is a 1911 connoisseur sold me on the gold bead after he tried it on one of his Wilsons. I’ve got a 10-8 sight with a brass bead on my Glock 17, but the brass isn’t near as shiny as the gold sights I’ve used.

  12. Keith LeJeune says:

    If the rear is mounted with set screws does that mean they can be installed without needing a rear sight tool? Just drive out the polymer and mount the new Vickers sight?

    • We are trying to get the dovetail fit spot on so it is easy to install ( relatively speaking ) but does not rely on the set screws to keep it in place; they are just an additional means of anchoring the sight

      Thanx for the interest

  13. Dan Goodwin says:

    I know Glock is where the market is, but some of us old-school 20th century dudes could use such a sight on their USP 45C tack drivers what with presbyopia and whatnot…

  14. odie tucker says:

    The rear sight looks great, really excited about it. I just hope it is going to be compatible with a wide range of front sights.

  15. Ladd says:

    I shot a steel challenge today with several buddies. I have been shooting Glocks for the past year but my passion is 1911. I have two WCs and love the pyramid rear on them. I shot two Glocks today. One with a new sight to try. Didn’t like it. My friend said “Do they make that Wilson sight for Glocks?” First thing I did upon walking in the house was google this. I know you said a couple of months out. WHERE will these be available? I’m in!!! Thanks in advance.

  16. Matt M says:

    I shot a Polymer Wilson a few days ago with the 1911 version of these sights. I really liked them and immediatly thought of this post. Please get this out ASAP… my Glock 17 needs a new set for IDPA. Bravo Larry, Bravo.