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Project Honor Combat Uniform Available Now from LBX Tactical


Last July, we gave you a sneak peek at a really cool combat uniform in the Project Honor camouflage pattern developed for the Medal of Honor video game to raise funds for military charities. Now, those uniforms are available for order. I know what I’m wearing to my next shooting class.

LBX Combat Uniform 1

LBX Combat Uniform 2

To download a pdf of these images click here.

I have a feeling these are going to go quickly. Whether or not you are a Medal of Honor fan, these are very well laid out combat uniforms and no one has ever offered a youth size combat uniform.

To order yours, visit lbxtactical.com/products/combat-uniform.

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17 Responses to “Project Honor Combat Uniform Available Now from LBX Tactical”

  1. Joe says:

    So no way to just get a top or bottom?

    • Kaoskydexsolutions says:

      Check their site a little better. You can order tops, bottoms, or complete uniforms. Complete uniforms also come with a vs-17 panel

  2. Nolan Vaughn says:

    Do y’all have them in Tactical Black? If so the what is the price?

  3. Chris says:

    You can purchase individually as well…


  4. Philip says:

    Grabbed a set! Been waiting for these since the other gear dropped in October 2012. Neat-looking camo pattern and for a great cause.

  5. Fernando says:

    Must. Have.

    Now which color should my gear be? LOL

  6. Jordan says:

    Thanks for not having them in “Im flipping tall and muscular” sizes. The largest goes up to a 38 or 39 waist i believe for pants. Im 6’2″ with long legs and ripped at 220 lbs. So there biggest size doesnt fit ._.

  7. redred1 says:

    Ripped meaning you rip size 39 pants? I don’t know anyone who wears pants that fat and is “long legged and ripped” at 220. The only crossfit you’re doing is crossing your fingers to hope your trousers fit.

    How’s your airsoft team doing this year?

    Also, their**

    • mr bean says:

      Ha yeah, he’s got a wopping 15 lbs on me and I wear a 34×34. I’ve gained 40 pounds in 10 years, and still wear the same pant size.

    • ST Doc says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. I’m 6’0″ and 215, and I wear 34×32 or M/R. To put it in perspective, the navy requires that we keep our percent body fat under a certain level. I can’t see a possible way for someone to be 6’2″, 220, a 38″ waist and be “ripped”.

      • Adam says:

        Gents I think what he meant is that the large waist would be far too big for him BECAUSE he is 220 with long legs and ripped. In other words, he would need the large in length, but not a god damn 39 inch waist.

        I’m not quite 220 but I have the same body type, so I didn’t get it the first couple times I read it either but I think he just worded it kind of fucked up.

        • ST Doc says:

          You might be right. I just don’t trust when people on the internet say they are “flipping tall and muscular”.

  8. B_A says:

    I’d like to see a night vision shot.

    • SSD says:

      Why? These aren’t NIR…

    • ST Doc says:

      This gear and pattern are specifically for airsoft and video gamers. It isn’t NIR compliant and isn’t meant for concealment. The purpose is exclusively to be tacti-cool.