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Sneak Peek – Centurion Light Fighter Parka

This is a sneak peak of Domari Nolo Defense Consulting’s prototype Centurion Light Fighter Parka. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with these guys at the Shot Heard ‘Round The World earlier this year in New Hampshire after being introduced by Lawrence from Hyde Definition. The Domari Nolo guys love the Pencott patterns and have incorporated them into their line of products that are starting to come out.

They want their gear to be functional, affordable, and American made. Normally you get two of the three but so far, these guys seem to be making it work by managing design and finding great manufacturing partners.

The Centurion Light Fighter Parka is an anorak design and made from 50/50 ripstop NYCO water resistant, quick-drying, lightweight polyester fabric that Hyde Definition also used for their SnowDrift camo overwhites (which is being evaluated by SOCOM) but in the PenCott Greenzone pattern. It’s the same fabric used by the USMC for their snow camo overwhites and the USAF for their PT suits.

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One Response to “Sneak Peek – Centurion Light Fighter Parka”

  1. Fox says:

    Now put a non folding, sinch faced hood on it… And I will buy one. What good is a poncho without a damn hood?