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Sneak Peek – Centurion Light Fighter Parka

Monday, July 1st, 2013

This is a sneak peak of Domari Nolo Defense Consulting’s prototype Centurion Light Fighter Parka. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with these guys at the Shot Heard ‘Round The World earlier this year in New Hampshire after being introduced by Lawrence from Hyde Definition. The Domari Nolo guys love the Pencott patterns and have incorporated them into their line of products that are starting to come out.

They want their gear to be functional, affordable, and American made. Normally you get two of the three but so far, these guys seem to be making it work by managing design and finding great manufacturing partners.

The Centurion Light Fighter Parka is an anorak design and made from 50/50 ripstop NYCO water resistant, quick-drying, lightweight polyester fabric that Hyde Definition also used for their SnowDrift camo overwhites (which is being evaluated by SOCOM) but in the PenCott Greenzone pattern. It’s the same fabric used by the USMC for their snow camo overwhites and the USAF for their PT suits.

Domari Nolo PenCott Fitted Low-profile Contractor Hats

Thursday, May 9th, 2013


Domari Nolo has released these low-profile contractor hats in GreenZone and Badlands PenCott camouflage which I furst saw a few weeks ago in New Hampshire at the “Shot Heard ‘Round The World.” The hats are made by Viper Headware exclusively for Domari Nolo in the USA and are embroidered with Domari Nolo’s distinctive Appalachian mountain logo by a small family company in Dauphin, PA.

I Know Where I Want To Be in April

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

By hook or crook, I’m going to get to the Snake Hound Machine Spring Shoot this 20 April in New Hampshire. The date was chosen to celebrate Patriot’s Day and, based on the lineup of sponsors, this is going to be a blast.

Check out this lineup:

The “Shoot heard round the world” is sponsored in part by:
Off The Grid Concepts LLC
Multitasker Tools
Domari Nolo Defense Consulting
Wicked Weaponry
Samson Manufacturing

Training provided by:
Down Range Firearms Training
Rockwell Tactical Group

Workshops are free to attend with registration.

Carbine Fundamentals 09:00 50M Range
Required Equipment: Carbine, 100rds, 2 Magazines, Magazine pouch or bag, Rifle Sling.

Handgun Fundamentals 11:00 25M Range
Required Equipment: Semiauto pistol, 100 rds, Carry Holster and spare magazine.

Self-Defense Handgun 13:00 25M Range
Required Equipment: Semiauto pistol, 200 rds, Carry Holster and spare magazine.

Tactical Carbine 15:00 50M Range
Required Equipment: Carbine, 200rds, 3 Magazines, Magazine pouch or bag, Rifle Sling.

Inforce Low-Light Shoot 17:30 50M Range
Required Equipment: Handgun and or Carbine, Ammunition.

The shoot is located at Londonderry Fish and Game, just south of Manchester NH.

If you’re interested in going visit