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Learn More About NEMO Shield at Warrior Expo East

Be sure to visit NEMO Shield at Warrior Expo East in Virginia Beach July 11-12 as they display their impressive line of tactical shelters and sleep systems.

SWITCHBLADE™ 1P SE: designed for setup on a standard COT or ground. The Switchblade™ 1P SE is ideal for training or deployment and is fully Berry Complaint.


SABRE™ SE MultiCam®: Derived from the same proven AirSupported Technology® found in NEMO’s Gogo™ SE, Sabre™ is designed specifically for combat environments in desert, temperate, and mountainous regions. It’s lightning fast to set up, ultra compact, discrete, and highly functional.


TARGA™ Mobility Bag SE: Lightweight and highly packable, the Targa™ Mobility Bag SE is designed for enhanced usability while both sleeping and active. Targa™ allows the warfighter to remain comfortable in a static position without limiting im¬mediate action capability for weapon use or movement while still in the bag.


MEZZO LOFT™ SE Sleeping Bag: The versatile Mezzo Loft™ SE rectangular sleeping bag uses PrimaLoft® synthetic fill and incorporates a fitted sleeve for NEMO’s Cosmo™ Air that keeps the pad in place.

FAS™ JUMP AR SE GEN III: The 3rd generation waterproof shoot through weapons bag that now incorporates a bleed valve, MaxiGrip redundant closure system, and ATPIAL window.


These products and more will be on display at the NEMO booth. Stop by to learn more, enter their daily raffle for a Tanto™ SE with Rain fly in Tan and receive a 30% discount card for all NEMO Shield™ products.

To arrange a meeting at Warrior East, please contact Mike Sullivan, Vice President, NEMO Shield™, at [email protected] or Kate Ketschek, Revolution House Media, at [email protected].

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3 Responses to “Learn More About NEMO Shield at Warrior Expo East”

  1. Austin says:

    Love my Obi 3P! We’ll definitely have to check out the Switchblade and Targa when we’re in town for OR.

  2. MarkM says:

    Targa? I’ve got a West German tactical sleeping bag, did the same thing to it – cut off the sleeves. Those were commonly available in surplus stores in the ’80s, and I can tell you they weren’t worth flip in freezing temps – but they weren’t meant for it, either. If you are that comfortable, you go to sleep, and it defeats the purpose of where they were supposed to be used – on overwatch or in a LP out beyond the lager.

    One mistake I made was getting mine without the attached waist belt. Check the knee zone – see the zipper? Bingo, unzip, stick out your legs, tuck the lower portion behind you, secure with the belt, and you are now a combat Barney in green.

    Actually an old school idea from Europe, hopefully updated from mil vinyl and cotton rag insulation. A light weight version would be perfect.

  3. MEDEVAC IP says:

    That weapons bag looks like a body bag.