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Warrior East – NEMO Shield FAS Jump Gen IV

Friday, July 10th, 2015

NEMO Sheild continues to update the Full-Action, Sealed waterproof weapon bags.  They are very popular for over-the-beach operations and the weapon can be manipulated while still in the bag.  

In addition to standard features including waterproof closure and oral inflation valve, this new fourth generation bag offers an improved clear panel for use with lasers.  Additionally, NEMO introduced a waterproof accessory bag with PALS webbing in the interior, which can be attached to the larger bag.  


Millbrook Tactical Is Exclusive NEMO Shield Distributor in Canada

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Great news for NEMO Shield. It’s a great product line and the folks at Millbrook Tactical are awesome.

Millbrook Tactical Inc. is excited to announce that we are now the exclusive dealer of Nemo Shield® products in Canada. We are very proud to add Nemo Shield® products to our top tier tactical gear lines.

NEMO began adapting its shelter technology for elite U.S. Special Operations Forces and launched its Shield™ product line. In the years since, many elite Warfighters have depended on NEMO tents, shelters, sleeping gear, weapons bags and other products, to take full advantage of what limited comfort and protection can be found on the battlefield. NEMO is intensely proud to serve the American and Canadian Warfighter as well as Law Enforcement, and aims to design, engineer, and manufacture the best equipment solutions possible.

The Nemo Shield® brand can be found online at millbrookcanada.ca

NEMO Shield Series ALCS 1P SE

Monday, October 28th, 2013


Featuring a special WL Gore shelter fabric, this 1-man NEMO Shield shelter is Berry Compliant, lightweight, linkable, four-season, freestanding, waterproof, breathable, flame retardant and incorporates signature management properties.

In addition to visual opacity (blackout) and near infrared (nIR) reflection characteristics, the shelter can be used in conjunction with NEMO’s Interchangeable Camo Cover™ for adaptable visual camouflage. Available in arctic white and MultiCam®, the ICC™ is lightweight, compact, and provides a highly cost effective solution for adapting the ALCS 1P SE to different areas of operation. The ICC also serves to shade the ALCS 1P SE and protect it from UV and abrasion.

The ALCS 1P SE features a hub-based pole set for ease of set-up. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, that means one set of poles, all connected at a central hub, making for a simple pitch of the tent. Additionally, it accepts a vestibule to increase storage or can incorporate a link that connects multiple tents.

Capacity: 1P
Minimum Weight: 7 lbs
Floor Dimensions: 94×35 in
Floor Area: 23 sq ft
Vestibule Area: 10.4 sq ft
Interior Height: 39 in
Doors: 2
Frame: Easton Reverse Combi
Packed Size: 20×8 in
Shell Fabric:
Gore-Tex® W/B Shelter Fabric
Vestibule Fabric:
40D PU Nylon

The NEMO Shield line is available for unit and agency orders from ADS Inc.

Outdoor Retailer – NEMO Shield

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

As always, NEMO Shield, their tactical line, has several new items coming out. Up first is the new Gen 3 FAS AR Jump SE. It is designed to carry an M4, M16, etc.



It now incorporates an valve to regulate the amount of buoyancy as well as a roll top closure with a water proof closure as a back up. Additionally, NEMO reintroduced the window for the ATPIAL so that the laser can be used while the weapon is still in the bag.


The Targa SS SE is a short sleeve mobility bag that can be worn over kit. It allows the wearer full access to any chest mounted equipment which can be accessed via zipper or snaps and the sleeve sections can be closed off via zippers from inside or out. It’s a 40 Deg F stand alone bag but when worn with PCU you can go down to 0 Deg. The Targa features a helmet compatible, insulated hood. Finally, the hem can be pulled up so that the Targa can be worn parka style. Here you can see a Targa in Kryptek Yeti as well as Coyote and MultiCam.


The ALCS SE which we have featured before, incorporates a WL Gore black out fabric that won’t “glow in the dark” when you turn on a light.

Now, they’ve introduced an Integrated Camo Cover in Kryptek Yeti. It isn’t a fly but rather just offers the ability to easily change camouflage. Other ICCs include MultiCam and standard Arctic White but they can do virtually anything if the numbers are right.


Learn More About NEMO Shield at Warrior Expo East

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Be sure to visit NEMO Shield at Warrior Expo East in Virginia Beach July 11-12 as they display their impressive line of tactical shelters and sleep systems.

SWITCHBLADE™ 1P SE: designed for setup on a standard COT or ground. The Switchblade™ 1P SE is ideal for training or deployment and is fully Berry Complaint.


SABRE™ SE MultiCam®: Derived from the same proven AirSupported Technology® found in NEMO’s Gogo™ SE, Sabre™ is designed specifically for combat environments in desert, temperate, and mountainous regions. It’s lightning fast to set up, ultra compact, discrete, and highly functional.


TARGA™ Mobility Bag SE: Lightweight and highly packable, the Targa™ Mobility Bag SE is designed for enhanced usability while both sleeping and active. Targa™ allows the warfighter to remain comfortable in a static position without limiting im¬mediate action capability for weapon use or movement while still in the bag.


MEZZO LOFT™ SE Sleeping Bag: The versatile Mezzo Loft™ SE rectangular sleeping bag uses PrimaLoft® synthetic fill and incorporates a fitted sleeve for NEMO’s Cosmo™ Air that keeps the pad in place.

FAS™ JUMP AR SE GEN III: The 3rd generation waterproof shoot through weapons bag that now incorporates a bleed valve, MaxiGrip redundant closure system, and ATPIAL window.


These products and more will be on display at the NEMO booth. Stop by to learn more, enter their daily raffle for a Tanto™ SE with Rain fly in Tan and receive a 30% discount card for all NEMO Shield™ products.

To arrange a meeting at Warrior East, please contact Mike Sullivan, Vice President, NEMO Shield™, at [email protected] or Kate Ketschek, Revolution House Media, at [email protected].

OR – NEMO Shield

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

NEMO Shield is their military line. It includes many of their standard products in tactical colors but also incorporates several technologies unique to this market.


Here is the Strato SE (Shield Edition). It is a sleeping bag that is designed to accept additional components in order to make a full sleep system. It features two-way zippers along each side for full venting. The Strato SE incorporates a full length channeling the bottom that will accept the Cosmo and Cosmo Pillow Top. Additionally, it has an integrated sleeve in the head area for the Fillo which is a very comfortable inflatable pillow (the inflation feature adds body to the design) with incorporated padding and a microfiber face. Finally, the insulation is Primaloft for military use.


The NEMO Strato SE is fully Berry Compliant.