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RAAF Blue MultiCam Variant – The Rest Of The Story

Remember this photo we posted of a blue variant of the Australian MultiCam Pattern developed for the Royal Australian Air Force? Apparently, it promoted a query to the Department of Defence.


1.) Are there any variants (colour variants or otherwise) of the AMP being tested, considered, or evaluated. In particular, is there a ‘blue’ RAAF version as seen here (
2.) Are there publicly available results of the comparative camouflage testing in which AMP featured? If not, when are these expected to be made available.
3.) What is the timeframe for the rollout of AMP to various units (including an variants), and will CPCU uniforms also be replaced?

A Defence Spokesman responded to all of the questions with this statement:
RAAF and Army currently wear the same Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform (DPCU). RAAF is currently considering alternative patterns and/or colours which would easily identify Air Force personnel from Army personnel. The new uniform would provide the same protection from the elements as DPCU.

The image you are referring to is a prototype only. It was developed to provide a visual comparison to DPCU. This prototype is not being further considered. Patterns and/or colour variants of the new uniform are currently under development, hence no further information on timeframes can be provided at this time.

While we’re happy to see that this isn’t something that the RAAF plans on fielding, we have to wonder what these other variants might look like.

Thanks to N for the heads up!


9 Responses to “RAAF Blue MultiCam Variant – The Rest Of The Story”

  1. BradKAF308 says:

    Why and how different do you have to look? On the flight line the Air Force people are wering reflective vests or belts that id them as ground crew. The Army guys are the ones either walking to or from the aircraft carrying their kit. In Canada, off the flight line, the RCAF can be id’d by their blue berets, blue t-shirts and the rank slip on and name tag all with blue. Really what more do you need? It just seems like so much waste.

  2. bulldog76 says:


  3. Dan says:

    I’m sure the ADF has so much money right now that we should waste it on changing the RAAF’s uniform… are they joking?

    How is there any research required? Pick a colour and move on.. what are they going to research.. how well it blends into the tarmac.. should make the whole uniform out of fluoro yellow, save some money on vests

  4. Film Gun Guy says:

    Rats! I wanted to be the first gun show commando to rock blue Multicam. Well, on second thought….

  5. Mike B. says:


  6. Craig P says:

    With the ADF Defence budget being as low as 1.8% of Australia’s GDP I think spending it elsewhere or even better, saving it may be a good idea.

  7. ID says:

    Its easy to Id RAAF over Army; RAAF roll their sleeves up and wear peaked caps, Army Don’t.

  8. HN says:

    Same with the Navy – any reason to have a camouflage uniform on a ship ? Total waste of time, effort and money

  9. RN says:

    Page 4 of this RAAF newsletter shows a little sneak peak at some samples.