Trigger Time Launches New Website


If you’ve been stationed at or trained near Fort Bragg, you’ve probably heard of Trigger Time. Established in 1991 by Thomas J Bullins, Trigger Time is a range facility located near Carthage, NC. Although spartan, it is well maintained and has been continually improved over the years. In addition to an in house cadre of instructors, Trigger Time is often host to other guest instructors.

Recently, longtime SSD friend and graphic artist Travis Getz redesigned the Trigger Time logo. I asked Travis about how he looks at these design projects and he related this:

My philosophy with small business web design is to use tools that are super-simple and allow the business owner (or their admin person in this case) to maintain the site themselves (they can edit their own content, I just do the initial design), cutting out the hassle of dealing with an external web design firm.

I like this approach and it sounds like an interesting option for other small business owners.

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One Response to “Trigger Time Launches New Website”

  1. Travis Getz says:

    Wow, thanks so much SSD!