Some Infographics from Phokus Research Group

Here are a few informational graphics from Phokus Research Group on their Hoplite focus aid and SONS Trauma Kit.

Tactical Advantages


5 Responses to “Some Infographics from Phokus Research Group”

  1. B says:

    How isn’t this a direct copy of the Matbock Tarsier Eclipse?

  2. MATBOCK says:

    Phokus Research Group and MATBOCK proudly work together to produce the Tarsier Eclipse and Hoplite. The technology is owned by Phokus Research Group and licensed to MATBOCK for the production of the Tarsier Eclipse.

    Each model provides the user a slightly different mode of operation and capabilities, but the same type of autofocus effect.

    • Fredrik says:

      Just by comparing the two, Tarsier Eclipse looks far superior and the shutter system and easy adjustments its a winner at least for me.
      Kudos guys!