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The PUP Taco from Bawidamann & HSGI

What do you get when you combine the HSGI Taco with a Bawidamann PUP.


According to Bawidamann, this is what you do:

Tools needed: 4 hands, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, some patience, and tons of swearing. Installing a HSGI TACO onto anything is not fun. This is ESPECIALLY NOT FUN. But the end result is worth the hassle. Just another thing you can do with this handy piece of kit.

Adjustable to securely fit: 1 inch – 3 inch belts in 3/8 inch increments. Move retention Post-nut/Screw assembly up or down the face of the PUP in a “diagonal checkers jump” to designated belt width fit. Further fit is controlled by adjusting tension on rubber washers of the Belt retention Post-nut/Screw. Tighten the screw, the rubber washers expand, and retention increases.

Btw, my friend Andrew Bawidamann shared a sneak peek at his latest piece, a Spartan Girl. That guy is like a bottle of fine wine. He gets better and better with age.


Can’t wait to see the finished piece.


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One Response to “The PUP Taco from Bawidamann & HSGI”

  1. straps says:

    Good that Spartan Girl has some meat on her bones…