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D3O is a British form that specializes in solutions for impact protection. Specifically, they developed shock absorbing materials as well as engineered applications for those materials. At AUSA they exhibited several products that are part of their Trauma Reduction Unrivaled Shock Technology line.


These knee pads incorporate an external hard shell and offer both comfort for wear as well as shock mitigation.


The TRUSt Helmet Pads utilize D3O’s new Decell material that exceeds the current ACH standard by 33%. It is a 7-piece design that will work with most helmets that accept Velcro-in pads. It comes packed in a mesh bag that is interestingly, intended for retail sales.




3 Responses to “AUSA – D3O”

  1. PLiner says:

    I think these guys think that if they bring this back every so often people will have forgotten about the Lawrence Livermore report on how horrible D3O is for impact mitigation in headwear. It might be good for elbow and knee protection but it did so poorly as a product for helmet pads that they stopped testing it. It’s a boring read but I’ll make it easy for you, page 53 but specifically the last sentence on pg 54 describes what they think of D30 for use in a helmet pad.


  2. agarie says:

    Looks really good, but when they will make stand alone knee pads for the tactical market?