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Ops-Core Unveils RAC at AUSA

I’ve been following the development of the Rail Attached Communications (RAC) headset for some time now and I’m glad to see it out there. Ops-Core has worked hard with their customers to offer something unlike any other head set on the market. First off, it was designed from the outset to work with the Ops-Core helmet and integrates seamlessly with other helmet system components such as the ARC Rail. The RAC headset works with FAST and Sentry helmet models.


While the outward appearance hasn’t changed much throughout development, lots has been done to refine the ergonomics and improve performance. For example, the team went through multiple iterations to offer an ergonomic earcup with contoured cushions. With almost every headset out there, the part of the earcup that sits against the ear is flat. Unfortunately, the human head is far from flat and everyone’s is slightly different. Not only is the shape of the RAC earcup not flat, it’s also not the typical oblong found with other earcups but rather an asymmetric shape.


They combines this ergonomic earcup with a gimbal mount so that it can fit as close to the head as possible in order to maximize protection.


This gimbal and mount system has a stop that holds the earcup just off the ear.


That ran articulation/latch also allows the RAC to be rotated back out of the way on the helmet (either one side or both) for storage.


Here is an older photo of a developmental system that will show you how the stowage function works.


The RAC also offers 3D hearing technology (3D HT) for natural hearing restoration and reproduction of ambient sounds with a high degree of directional accuracy. It’s done through their sound processing software. In fact, it’s unlike any other headset I’ve seen.

There’s something else here that is new to me. The RAC utilizes in-the-ear plugs. Now you might see this and go, “So what?”, but this is different. These optional inductance receiver ear plugs are wireless and use magnets to produce sound and increase hearing protection above conventional ANR levels.


It turns itself off after 2 hours in order to conserve batteries but only after an audible warning tone. Auto shutdown can be averted by touching either one of the on/off/balance/volume control buttons. The RAC includes a noise canceling boom microphone but can also be connected to a pro-mask microphone if needed. Finally, the RAC is IP-68 submersible to 6m and available in a Black or Tan.


Click to view .pdf

Make sure you stop by the Gentex booth at 3:30 PM today for the launch party. See you there!


6 Responses to “Ops-Core Unveils RAC at AUSA”

  1. Adrian says:

    Awesome! Love to see this kind of work from quality companies. My question is, will it fit a Crye Airframe?

    • Padawan says:

      I don’t think so, as the Crye rails only have the upper, horizontal portion, and not the vertical one behind the ear.

    • Anders A says:

      This was my question as well, that is unfortunate it won’t work…

  2. matty says:

    Any word on when these will be available?

  3. Andrew says:

    Finally, tried these on awhile ago, awesome headset. Looking to get my hands on a pair here soon.

  4. Alex says:

    So what is the NRR on these? What about when combined with those plugs?