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Maharishi Teams with Casio G-Shock to Create “Pacifist Prepper” Watch

I am a huge fan of the designs that come out of UK-based Maharishi. They’ve teamed up with Casio, makers of the G-Shock series to offer a special version of the GW9400 Rangeman inspired by the by the modern day pacifist prepper. This short film was created to show some of the new line from Maharishi.

Featuring TRIPLE SENSOR technology (equipped to measure direction, atmospheric pressure/temperature and altitude), GW9400 Rangeman was developed for military applications. It offers Shock Resistance, sunrise / sunset modes and “Tough Solar” power. The strap also incoroprates carbon fiber inserts encased in resin. Other key features within the watch include 200m Water Resistance, 5 Alarms, Multiband 6 Radio and Time stamp & recall.


Good luck getting one. The run is limited to 20, but it does come packed in a maharishi DPM: English Oak & Berry camo print cloth case and maharishi x G-SHOCK credit card flash drive.



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11 Responses to “Maharishi Teams with Casio G-Shock to Create “Pacifist Prepper” Watch”

  1. Invictus says:

    Finally, all three sensors in the G shocks! Might have to retire my Riseman for a Rangeman.

    Also, pacifist prepper? Is that just prepping without the guns?

  2. 2-BPM says:

    That exactly did I just watch in that video….? WTF

  3. tomaso says:


  4. m5 says:

    And, it displays the time too! Just look close enough, and you might actually find it.

    Ergonomics? Who cares about the time, when you can read that it’s G-shock, protection, triple sensor, water 20bar resist, rangeman, carbon fiber, tough solar, casio… and, uhm, FAIL.

  5. MGunz says:

    20? That can’t be right, WTFO???

  6. Matthew says:

    On a slightly related and pointless note: Maharishi used to be the only place in the UK for a long time where one could walk into a physical shop and buy cans of Krylon camouflaging paints.

  7. JP says:

    No surprise that there are 20 utter morons out there.