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Maharishi Teams with Casio G-Shock to Create “Pacifist Prepper” Watch

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

I am a huge fan of the designs that come out of UK-based Maharishi. They’ve teamed up with Casio, makers of the G-Shock series to offer a special version of the GW9400 Rangeman inspired by the by the modern day pacifist prepper. This short film was created to show some of the new line from Maharishi.

Featuring TRIPLE SENSOR technology (equipped to measure direction, atmospheric pressure/temperature and altitude), GW9400 Rangeman was developed for military applications. It offers Shock Resistance, sunrise / sunset modes and “Tough Solar” power. The strap also incoroprates carbon fiber inserts encased in resin. Other key features within the watch include 200m Water Resistance, 5 Alarms, Multiband 6 Radio and Time stamp & recall.


Good luck getting one. The run is limited to 20, but it does come packed in a maharishi DPM: English Oak & Berry camo print cloth case and maharishi x G-SHOCK credit card flash drive.


Tactical Fanboy – CES 2012 – G-Shock GB-6900

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

We sent Tactical Fanboy out to Las Vegas early this year to cover the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. This article is on the upcoming G-Shock GB-6900. To see all of TF’s coverage visit

Casio’s latest offering in the G-Shock line of watches is the GB-6900. It’s the first in the line to use Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Technology, which is really Newspeak for this thing will be studying your daily habits to better plan the eventual machine takeover. All joking aside, it’s a pretty useful bit of hardware.

It connects to most smartphones to automatically adjust and correct its own display time and includes an alert signal that notifies the user of incoming calls and messages. Any ring alerts and vibration can be stopped by tapping a button on the watch. Similarly, phone alarm and vibration functions can be activated with a button press if the phone is misplaced. The Bluetooth signal features a data transfer rate is abound 1 Mbps with a signal range of 2m and a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard.

As a watch, the GB-6900 isn’t too shabby either. It has five independent daily alarms, a stopwatch, countdown timer, and display options for 35 time zones in 100 cities, including Coordinated Universal Time and the option to enable Daylight Savings Time. Like other G-Shock models, it has a shock-resistant body and is rated for immersion up to 200 meters of water. A battery life of approx. 2 years is provided by a single CR2032 disk battery, assuming the communication function is used for only 12 hours per day. It’ll be available in Japan in March. The USA, and presumably everyone else, will get it by the end of the year.

G-Shock Mudman

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

The other day a reader asked about a G-Shock we had written about. It got us to thinking about watches so we thought we’d tell you about this one. It’s become fairly popular with certain elements of the military. The Casio G9000MS-1 or G-Shock Mudman is a military-inspired watch that combines features from the popular ORIGIN and MASTER OF G line-ups.

It has a molded back cover and variable durometer urethane covered bezel and buttons to prevent foreign particles, such as mud, sand, or oil from entering the watch or accumulating between the back case and wearer’s wrist. The Mudman features 200M water resistance, world time, dual auto EL backlight with afterglow, twin stopwatches, and count down timer.

You can find them a few places online but we know has some in stock.

Casio G-Shock X-Large Military Play Set Limited Edition Watch

Friday, July 8th, 2011

With its mix of olive drab, coyote and khaki coloring, the G-Shock Military Play Set LE Watch looks very much like a tactical watch, and its ruggedness and large volume of features help to further this claim. The Military Play G-Shock is shock resistant, water resistant up to 200M, features a high-intensity LED and a large digital display area. Its powered by a CR2025 battery with an approximate life of 7 years. It can be programed to display up to four different cities’ times, from a list of 48 cities spanning 31 time zones, with city code display and full DST support. Additionally, this watch also features 5 independent alarms, a stopwatch that measures down to 1/100th of a second, a countdown timer that measures down to 1/10th of a second, and a full auto calender (pre-programmed until the year 2099). Of course, it can also display local time in either a 12 or 24 hour format that is accurate to within +/- 15 seconds per month.

And before you ask, yes. You also get the cool G-Shock action figure as part of the package.

Available exclusively* through Tactical Distributors

*in regards to tactically inclined retailers

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