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Integral Tactical Keeps Going and Going

Last week I stopped by SOFEX at Ft Bragg, North Carolina. While it remains a small, annual show in the Officers Club, I was pleased to see Integral Tactical still in attendance. They have long displayed their specialized clothing and shelters at this show.


Integral Designs was purchased from former owner Evan Jones by Fellfab early this year. I realized that although Integral has been around for ages, they are not well known. Many of their designs go back 20 years or more like the MK I Mountain Tent above and the Observer Shelter seen below. Both of these shelters feature, simple, straight forward designs. Additionally, Integral Tactical offers several shelter/tarp designs manufactured from ultralightweight 30D parachute Ripstop nylon, referred to as Sil fabric.


Several of the attendees at SOFEX also expressed interest in the Wind Shirt and Pants.


They are currently in talks with TLS vendors to introduce their line to a wider audience. While Integral Tactical is based at Fellfab’s headquarters in Ontario, Canada, Fellfab has manufacturing capacity here in the US to service Berry compliance, if needed.


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2 Responses to “Integral Tactical Keeps Going and Going”

  1. jimbo jones says:

    Integral is a fantastic gear maker. Before I was in the .mil, I used their SilTarps/Wings, a few Bivvies and various ground clothes extensively in some really nasty terrain and weather. The only “tactical” piece of theirs I own currently is the Primaloft poncho liner/zip up bag. Genius piece of kit, light and super warm to boot. Easily in my top pieces of must have gear. Beats the pants off the Kifaru Woobie.

  2. I have seen a bunch of their gear and it’s all well built. They just have such a tiny web presence at stores or people talking about them.