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What’s New at Katylist?

Katylist has expanded their offerings with several new lines including the new STINGRAY Lvl IIIA ACH from Victory Tactical Gear.


They’ve also introduced the SONS Trauma Kit from Phokus Research Group.

SONS Trauma Kit

Finally, Katylist offers the 1110 Gear Kydex CAT Tourniquet Holder.


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One Response to “What’s New at Katylist?”

  1. Katylist says:

    Thanks Soldier Systems for the post. We have also just added a great Kydex Brand SpetzGear http://www.katylist.com/product-brand/spetzgear-tactical-kydex-holsters/ and Just lowered the already low price Banshee Defender system by $30 to $449.95 http://www.katylist.com/shop/479-95-banshee-defender-system-active-shooter-response-armor-defense-kit/