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Grey Ghost Gear The Exclusive Distributor Of Karrimor SF In The US

Karrimor SF Predator Patrol 45

13 NOV 13 // 21h15 Zulu – At long last, Grey Ghost Gear’s offering of packs built by the UK’s Karrimor SF is finally available! No longer will end users in the US need to order it from across the pond and have it shipped back here (or trade off some of their own kit to the Brits in a deployed location). We’ve got them on hand, in several types and multiple colors, with more to come.

Karrimor SF has been in existence since 1995. It is a direct descendent of the original Karrimor brand that has equipped British soldiers and adventurers since the end of WWII.

Based in Exeter (Devon, UK), Karrimor SF’s gear has fought insurgents and Taliban since OEF and OIF started; it has also literally climbed mountains, gone on safari or otherwise adventured on every continent in the world. The KSF brand was conceived by innovator and designer Deric Gollop and the KSF team, who used contemporary technologies and developments from the civilian world to build specialty packs for military Special Forces and law enforcement units—not unlike what Grey Ghost Gear has been doing here in the US.

“It was a natural fit,” says Grey Ghost Gear’s Director of Business Development Lindsey Lea. “It took nearly a year and a half to get it done, but the Karrimor SF packs are in stock and ready to ship—and so we’re clear, there’s no need to worry about quality. If having the UK’s forces torture test this stuff in Iraq and Afghanistan wasn’t sufficient, we’ve been abusing our own samples in the field. They are good to go.”

Grey Ghost Gear is the exclusive US distributor of Karrimor SF products. Their packs and LBE are built in Vietnam to exacting British MoD (Ministry of Defence) standards, supervised by KSF personnel who live on site. You can see the entire line of packs here.

“You won’t have to drink tea and crumpets or call it a bergen to wear Karrimor SF,” Lindsey says. “No scones or Earl Grey or funny accent required—just a desire for well built, field-proven gear.”


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7 Responses to “Grey Ghost Gear The Exclusive Distributor Of Karrimor SF In The US”

  1. chris says:

    But I like to drink tea!

  2. Zach says:

    I am very much thinking Pencott GreenZone will be an option since Grey Ghost does a small pack (the same one basically Tactical Tailor does). IF this is true I will be blowing some serious cash on at lest two of them. I hope they come with the zip-off sides. Hints on this site also make sense too.

    • Toby Milward says:

      The Predator 45 and 50 are the only ones with the zip-on side pockets as far as I’m aware.
      As for colour I can’t imagine Karrimor doing any new colours, just the standard Olive, Coyote, Black and Mulitcam

  3. Toby Milward says:

    Some the best packs available over here – had a Predator 45 bergen for few years and it served me well, traded it for a Sabre 45 not long ago and now I love this one even more. Sabre’s only slightly smaller but over half a kilo lighter even with the internal frame.
    Predator 45 served me well on patrol in Helmand, and so far the Sabre 45 has done well on exercise, both great packs you Yanks should consider trying

  4. Zach says:

    The Sabre 60/100 takes PLCE sides also (and I own 3 allready 🙂 ).
    The fact that Karrimor and Pencott are both British as well as the Tactical Tailor announcment saying there will new similar things in the future is what makes me think it is possible. I was also told there would be other Pencott packs, but not given specifics.

  5. Zach says:

    Does the Predator 45 have an adjustable back? I am tall.

  6. Toby Milward says:

    Most of the Karrimor packs take the PLCE pockets, but the Predator packs also have zip-on side panels in a few different configurations (though I never cared much for them)
    If memory serves, the Predator didn’t have an adjustable yoke, but I never had much need for such an arrangement anyway being only just a smidgen under 6′