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Karrimor SF on sale at Grey Ghost Gear

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019


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Grey Ghost Gear, the exclusive US distributor of Karrimor SF products, is currently having a huge sale on the packs and bags that bear the familiar Union Jack on the label. For those who don’t know, Karrimor SF is a serious European brand dating back to just after World War II with the large move towards post-war outdoor rec. The SF line has been around since 1995 and is well known in Commonwealth military circles. Browse the Karrimor SF line at


IWA – Karrimor SF Manufacturing Danish Army Packs

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

British pack company Karrimor SF displayed three packs they are building for the Danish Army. While the samples were in various colors, the issue items are all MultiCam. Additionally, all three are PALS compatible and the Odin features a removable hibpbelt and interface to work with TYR Tactical’s Brokos Belt and Pico carrier which are both issued to Danish forces.


Odin is a 75 liter pack with a single main compartment accessible via a 3/4 zip. The main compartment can be sectioned off for carriage of a sleeping bag and there is a half moon sleeping bag compartment opening to access it. Additionally, the Odin offers a beavertail panel for the external carriage of helmets or jackets. There is also internal PALs webbing to attach radios.


Thor is a 40 liter patrol pack with a 3/4 zip access to its main compartment. There is an additional pocket with zipper access in the lid. Internal PALs allows radio carriage.


Loki works as a load hauler for items such as water jugs or Pelican cases. Additionally, a wide range of equipmeng can be attached via the large PALs field.

Karrimor SF Rucksacks In PenCott Camo Patterns

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014


At SHOT Show 2014, Tactical Tailor was showing off a limited selection of the Karrimor SF rucksacks in PenCott camouflage patterns.


Additionally, Karrimor SF released photos of production samples of the Predator 30 liter rucksack in both GreenZone and BadLands camouflage patterns. Both Propel’s “Quiet Loop” printed loop and Texcel’s printed webbing is featured on the production samples.

Karrimor SF rucksacks and load-bearing vests in PenCott will be available before the Summer from Grey Ghost Gear and Tactical Tailor in the US.

Hat tip: Lawrence Holsworth

Grey Ghost Gear The Exclusive Distributor Of Karrimor SF In The US

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Karrimor SF Predator Patrol 45

13 NOV 13 // 21h15 Zulu – At long last, Grey Ghost Gear’s offering of packs built by the UK’s Karrimor SF is finally available! No longer will end users in the US need to order it from across the pond and have it shipped back here (or trade off some of their own kit to the Brits in a deployed location). We’ve got them on hand, in several types and multiple colors, with more to come.

Karrimor SF has been in existence since 1995. It is a direct descendent of the original Karrimor brand that has equipped British soldiers and adventurers since the end of WWII.

Based in Exeter (Devon, UK), Karrimor SF’s gear has fought insurgents and Taliban since OEF and OIF started; it has also literally climbed mountains, gone on safari or otherwise adventured on every continent in the world. The KSF brand was conceived by innovator and designer Deric Gollop and the KSF team, who used contemporary technologies and developments from the civilian world to build specialty packs for military Special Forces and law enforcement units—not unlike what Grey Ghost Gear has been doing here in the US.

“It was a natural fit,” says Grey Ghost Gear’s Director of Business Development Lindsey Lea. “It took nearly a year and a half to get it done, but the Karrimor SF packs are in stock and ready to ship—and so we’re clear, there’s no need to worry about quality. If having the UK’s forces torture test this stuff in Iraq and Afghanistan wasn’t sufficient, we’ve been abusing our own samples in the field. They are good to go.”

Grey Ghost Gear is the exclusive US distributor of Karrimor SF products. Their packs and LBE are built in Vietnam to exacting British MoD (Ministry of Defence) standards, supervised by KSF personnel who live on site. You can see the entire line of packs here.

“You won’t have to drink tea and crumpets or call it a bergen to wear Karrimor SF,” Lindsey says. “No scones or Earl Grey or funny accent required—just a desire for well built, field-proven gear.”

Grey Ghost Gear to Introduce Karrimor SF to the US

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Grey Ghost Gear will soon be introducing Karrimor SF to the US with products of both UK- and US-origin. Tactical Tailor will manufacture the Berry compliant packs and LBE, which Grey Ghost will distribute.


Grey Ghost is a ‘boutique’ manufacturer of tactical gear based in Idaho. Karrimor SF is a serious European brand dating back to just after World War II with the large move towards post-war outdoor rec. The SF line has been around since 1995 and is well known in Commonwealth military circles.

It’s really exciting for me to be able to share this with you as it has literally been in the works for the past year. During last Summer Outdoor Retailer the two companies met and saw an instant fit. Call it kismet or just plain old hard work, but the two struck a deal that benefits all. Finally, we will be able to purchase Karrimor SF’s designs here in he US and if we’re lucky, maybe even see a few new ones.


The Grey Ghost/Karrimor packs will be available in the industry standard camouflage patterns you would expect and possibly a few you don’t.

You’ll be able to buy the Karrimor SF it at; watch for news on when it will be released on their Facebook page, Karrimor SF is on line at

Karrimor SF Catalog

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Karrimor SF MTP Catalog

OR – Karrimor SF Bowman Pack

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Karrimor is well known throughout Europe for their trekking as well as military products. This year they have joined us here in the US for the OR Summer Market. Not only have they unveiled a whole lineup of outdoor packs and footwear but they’ve included a full range of military packs and load carrying systems in OD, Coyote, and The new British military issue Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP) developed by Crye Precision.


This is the pack Karrimor developed for the Bowman radio (A/N PRC-177 series). It is issued with Bowman radio sets for the UK, Netherlands, and several other nations. You can the clamshell design that cradles the radio close to the body. Below the pack is fully closed and not only provides room for other equipment but also helps to disguise the radio operator’s role. The pack also accepts zip off side panels then also be used with load carrying equipment.