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ASE UTRA: Exhibiting at MILIPOL


Finnish suppressor manufacturer Ase Utra will display several new models at the upcoming Milipol expo in Paris.

New products on display are the lightened jet-Z suppressor family variants, the CQB-BL and CQBS-BL in 5.56 mm and the COMPACT-BL in 7.62 mm. The CQB-BL and CQBS-BL have a different, beefed up rear baffle, with lightened forward baffles. Additionally, they’ll be showing the COMPACT-BL which they claim provides excellent performance, especially flash signature wise, across a range of 7.62 mm barrel lengths.


Look for them in the USMCPRO stand, 5H 186.

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2 Responses to “ASE UTRA: Exhibiting at MILIPOL”

  1. TCBA_Joe says:

    I’ve heard good things about Ase Utra. Too bad we can’t get them here.

    Someone really needs to license and build the design domestically. I know we have the choice of the worlds best cans, but more never hurts.

  2. Mohican says:

    I am sure they are a strong competitor for Brügger & Thomet but unfortunately it seems they don’t have a dealer in Spain.