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Vickers Recreates CAR-15 He Used On Medelo Prison Raid

I know all of you youngsters have been a gaged in combat since 2001 but back in the 80s and 90s, combat operations were rare. One of the biggies was Operation Just Cause, the invasion of Panama. Retired Army MSG Larry Vickers participated in Operation Acid Gambit, a component of that invasion that rescued American Kurt Muse from the clutches of a despotic Panamanian regime. LAV has recreated the Colt 723 carbine he used on that raid.


It includes an Aimpoint 2000 and a SCUBA flashlight hose clamped to the handguards. Compare that to what we see today. The rifle oh 1989 is essentially the same but the accessories are light years apart.

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9 Responses to “Vickers Recreates CAR-15 He Used On Medelo Prison Raid”

  1. Bman says:

    I love seeing the roots of weapons technology. It is hard to believe that it took until the 2000’s to actually see drastic improvements over those accessories being that they have been used for so long. I suppose it doesn’t help much when the companies didn’t see how large purchases due tot combat operations and the SOCOM budget wasn’t anything like it is now or even 2002 for that matter. I wish I could learn a few more details of the raid. Very interesting special operations history.

  2. Danke says:

    Nice, but how about bigger photos when you click! I’d like to see more detail.

  3. Matt says:

    Vickers posted the higher res photo on his Facebook.

    • Danke says:


      For the admin then links perhaps, it’s not the first photo on here I’ve wished was bigger.

  4. scott james says:

    wow aimpoint 2000 classic 75th RGR Regt. early 90’s we would bust them on every jump the gear train has changed for the better for sure.

  5. Bill says:

    I don’t think nylon, velcro and vast quantities of plastic were even around when Eisenhower coined the term “military industrial” complex. There’s a PhD dissertation from some business school about the massive amount of companies producing individual level equipment waiting to be written. Particularly if there is a horrible outbreak of peace and quiet and the market gets more wobbly.

    My first “quality ” optic was the 3x Colt carry handle scope. I tried the hose clamp bit with a Bianchi flashlight on a Remington 870, using a radiused wooden block to drop it so the head would clear the barrel. Had to add duct tape to handle recoil, could barely see the bead over all the crap.

  6. 2-BPM says:

    I remember half my BN Attaching D cell maglites to their rifles with black electrical tape. It looked like everyone had a damn M203! Cool build LAV!

  7. John says:

    Love the stock. Wish they were easier to find.

  8. M4ger says:

    It’s cool seeing an Aimpoint 2000 as I miss mine.

    I bought one from a friend for my first AR, a LMT Defender, in 2008.

    I paid $25 for it.

    When I got my first SBR stamp on 01APR2011, I decided to turn the optic on to the same brightness as my CompM2 (7).

    When I finally sold the gun with that Aimpoint 2000 on it, it had remained on for 7 months.

    I want to find the buyer of that and see if I can buy it back since it was a cool piece.