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MultiCam Black – Game On

Apparently LA Police Gear is the first to break the embargo until 11/25/13 on images of the new MultiCam Black pattern by posting an order page for the TruSpec Multicam Black Tactical Response Uniform Combat Shirt. Already a few images of sections of the pattern have shown up on Facebook but this is the first substantial leak. When I first saw the pattern over the summer, I was immediately struck at how much it reminded me of the ERDL cammies over dyed with Black RIT dye used by SWAT guys back in the 80s. As you can see, it darkens the pattern up but the base pattern’s browns and greens still show through although slightly muted.


And here is an image of the shirt showing the actual pattern.


MultiCam® Black was developed to meet the unique needs of law enforcement officers operating in high-risk environments. It projects a distinctly authoritative presence appropriate for domestic operations.

MultiCam® Black is designed to complement an officer’s existing equipment and present a sharp, professional image for top-tier law enforcement units.

The TruSpec Multicam Black Tactical Response Uniform Combat Shirt features a quarter zip collar that allows easy donning and doffing while keeping slings, straps, and brass off your neck.


50/50 CORDURA® NYCO Fabric sleeves; 60/40 CORDURA® Baselayer body
¼ zip front mandarin collar; zipper has cover hood for comfort
Tactical Response Uniform sleeves
Adjustable hook & loop cuff
Pencil stall
Reinforced elbows and shoulder pockets


In fact, they have loaded several items like the Tactical Response Uniform Shirt and Pants as well as contractors cap




Thanks Davis

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53 Responses to “MultiCam Black – Game On”

  1. Phil says:


  2. Philip says:

    ^ Nice name haha

    Not as exciting as I thought. I hope the other three patterns will be better.

  3. Arlen says:

    To be perfectly honest I was expecting something a little more impressive.

  4. Erik says:

    Couldn’t this same effect be accomplished with a $2 pack of RIT?

  5. DevDoc says:

    Lets all be direct, big boy rules and all. This isn’t the best color way.
    This stab in the dark pattern really is a testament that Crye – Multicam is getting desperate to hold on to the market. All you other guys pay close attention to what happens to you if don’t service your customer base. Do you here us now? Good luck with this less then pattern.

  6. Zach says:

    So basically it begins with a who gives a rats ass? What good would that do for anyone?

  7. Rob K says:

    “It projects a distinctly authoritative presence appropriate for domestic operations”

    …and there you have it; this is less about concealment and more about it being a distinctive uniform for units that will wear it (SWAT, etc). Which is perfectly fine.

    • BlackLion says:

      Yep.. It’s fashion not camouflage. Perhaps this may be a step in the wrong direction for Crye.

  8. Chris H. says:

    Night hunting for snipe …duh 😉

  9. jjj0309 says:

    This.. is… something that i would expect from Chinese labor market at price tag of $5.
    Totally disappointed but yet i’m still counting on others. Especially Tropic one.

  10. Timmay says:

    It’s like black but not…horse shit, at least the ATACS looks halfway cool. This looks like you dyed some BDUs black-like back in the day before Atlantco made black BDUs.

  11. Kaos-1 says:

    What the hell did you expect with Multicam “black” ? It’s for LE’s in urban areas , duh. Quit you’re bitching. I just hope that multicam alpine is available soon. It’s coyote popping time.

  12. mcs says:

    Wait, wait, are these seriously the same commenters that were going goo-goo over re-branded feldgrau just a couple of posts back? So when an actual camo pattern comes along that’s almost the same flat gray, it’s shunned? Well then.

    Hey, at LEAST we can be thankful that there’s no blue in it.

  13. Mike B. says:

    I think it’s got some value. Looks good, and is a good example of what can be made with the pattern, and colours. What we Americans don’t understand is that the US isn’t the only market out there. In fact there are many countries who’s Police use Camo uniforms to give them a distinct look. I am looking forward too the Jungle Camo colours to come out. In fact that’s all I’m really interested in seeing at this point. I just don’t understand why Crye is taking so long. Reminds me of the few mins one has too wait for the results on a reality TV program… I think Crye is being too Hollywood about all of this..

  14. SSD says:

    Direct links to the products are down at LAPG but they still show on the “New to LA Police Gear” page.


    • CapnTroy says:

      Annndddd it’s gone….

      Which means that their web geek had to work on Saturday to correct LAPG’s screw-up…

  15. Kevin Larkin says:

    What a FAIL of a pattern for an urban environment. The USMC prototype “T-Pattern” had it right in appropriate use of colours and pattern. Arcteryx’s Wolf Grey is the next best thing.

    Also, I wonder whether there are legal implications for LAPG for having prematurely released images of this pattern, if it really was “prematurely”.

  16. Chuck says:

    Whatever. Not a cop so I don’t give a rats ass about LE patterns. I’m muchmore interested in the other MC patterns, esp. the tropical version and more importantly how well it blends with kit in the current MC pattern a la the Army’s OCIE pattern concept. I’m confident SSD is on the case.

  17. Bman says:

    I am also wondering about someone being in trouble at LAPG. I agree that the USMC pattern for urban areas blows this away I have never seen an urban camo that actually works in neighborhoods and around homes where plants and trees still exist. They should stick with LAPD blue, grey or simply black.

  18. Dan says:

    So when will fabric be available for non-commercial purchases?

    • Red says:

      I spoke to Ben at Duro. Multicam Black 500D will be available on Monday, the rest will not be available for purchase until March. Unless you’re TRU-Spec of course. 😉

  19. LG says:

    Chavez, Castro and Guevara would likely approve! This looks like some third world police outfit. Hopefully that’s the intended market. I’m not looking forward to seeing American law enforcement dressed in this garbage.

  20. Bill says:

    “It projects a distinctly authoritative presence appropriate for domestic operations.”

    What the sh!t is that? That’s fine if you are an oppressive latin american dictator with militarized police. Oh, I guess we are not that far off since every podunk town in the US is getting surplus MRAPs and is already running around with better kit than I did in Afghanistan and they are already rocking the multicams.

  21. X 08 says:

    Im curious if the arid pattern will match what that guy at OC Tactical was showing off.

  22. Mick says:

    Ya as an LE and SWAT guy I don’t see anything exciting based on the photos. Maybe if I get a live sample in my hands my option may change. Based on what we have seen for our urban/suburban environment OD green, Ranger Green (really damn near the best, I wish tru-spec or propper with do a uniform in RG), and wolf grey function well for us. Also the politics of wearing a mil camo pattern can pop up its ugly head. I guess in that sense this gives the users a camo pattern uniform but it isn’t the same as the mil pattern. But this pattern doesn’t do anything that RG doesn’t do in my option.

  23. Tom says:

    Very nice…….for a fashion statement. Does absolutely nothing to conceal though, as with every LE camo pattern based on Black or Blue. Smh.

    • mike says:

      Because black doesn’t exist in nature? Please tell me that’s not why you say that.

      • Tom says:

        No, because black attracts the eye. When your looking for the enemy, anything out of context (meaning it has a sharp and apparent contrast with the surrounding environment) and anything that moves suddenly or quickly is easily spotted. Black is not actually in nature, unless its in the urban environment or you’re standing on a cooled down lava flow (or in a burned out area.)

        When trying to conceal yourself with camouflage, its best to use colors and patterns that blend into the surrounding environment, and lack strong contrast inside the design (which is why NATO woodland does so poorly in testing). This pattern won’t blend in anywhere.

      • Tom says:

        Forgot to mention that wearing black at night just compounds the problem, always stay in the same range of colors of your environment no matter what the light levels are.

  24. Axe1477 says:

    I was really hoping it was gonna be an urban wolf type pattern with shading and a little bit of the original MC mixed in. That might actually help with the urban environment that has some grass and trees mixed in with the buildings and such.

    • SSD says:

      Did you look at this pattern? I’d call it Dusky MC

      • Axe1477 says:

        I know they ARE calling it MC black but they made it to have an authoritative look rather than attempt to help urban/suburban teams blend in a bit more. I was thinking it would be a bit lighter than the pic shows and bridge the gap between the urban grey of the inner city and the grass and trees found around that city’s neighborhoods. Maybe they tried that and it didn’t work out.

    • straps says:

      Yeah I think they plugged too much black–and not enough gradients–into the pattern. Ironically, sorta like how UCP was derived from MARPAT. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come with the rest of the Multicam “family.”

  25. Lucky says:


  26. Henrik says:

    looks like a pattern from some random communist country. so i guess ut is perfect considering where things are going

  27. Tremis says:

    I figure this is competing against Black and Wolf Grey. I’d take it over either of the two solid color competitors.

  28. Will says:

    I’ll laugh in the face of the first LE officer I see wearing this, as I instantly loose all respect for the entire department. More ‘cool guy’ clothing for some department to buy that accomplishes nothing a patrol uniform wouldn’t and requires more SWAT style raid on small time marijuana dealer’s neighbors to justify the added expense.

    Best uses look to be for dictators and airsofters.

  29. Kevin says:

    Isn’t the whole objective of a police uniform to clearly identify the wearer as police officer vs a thug with a gun? How does wearing anything that doesn’t look anything like the patrol officer uniform achieve that? How often does even SWAT need concealment vs clear identification?

    • Tom says:

      Exactly. Some cops and SWAT members say that this is to project authority/intimidate, but to be honest just wearing black does a better job of that. This does not serve a functional role at all.

  30. SteveB says:

    I’m really glad to see they are using 50/50 nyco versus the crummy poly-cotton stuff.

  31. Lucas McCoy says:

    I think it looks badass! Though it’s bad form for LA Police Gear to jump the gun and post before the 25th. I am definitely getting some new MultiCam Black pants and combat shirt!

  32. DustinD says:

    Looks like a failed attempt to compete with Kryptek Typhoon.


    I assumed that this had to do with Army’s camo competition requirement for environment based patterns to replace the universal attempt, but after seeing this it seems like Kryptek might be making them panic and rush design some stuff.

    Multicam has the best all around pattern but so far I’ve used the Kryptek Namad(desert), Mandrake(deep woodland) and Highlander(transitional), I’ve also seen there Yeti snow camo and in their perspective environments they have Multicam beat hands down. And in terms of the black LEO/fashion camo Kryptek’s Typhoon and Raid are way cooler not the same pattern dyed black. I’m pretty disappointed.

  33. Phil says:

    from what i’ve heard from LE, camo on LE gets local politicians in trouble, and so regardless of how effective it is most big departments are moving back towards traditional solid colors. Will be interesting to see what kind of adoption rates this gets, but i’ll guess it won’t be in the big metropolitan markets.

  34. Gustavo Moya says:

    I could spend the price of multicam BDU Black story as well is the cost of shipping to Argentina?