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Prototype GLOCK Sights from Vickers Tactical

As many of you know, Larry Vickers has a set of sights for the GLOCK coming through a collaboration with Wilson Combat. This is a prototype but the final production ones will be very simila; the hole at the bottom is for a tritium dot allowing for a dot on top of dot tritium sight picture. The rear sight is a “U”-shaped affair with scalloped sides. So far, LAV has made no mention of the front sight.

Vickers Tactical GLOCK Sight by Wilson Combat

According to LAV, GLOCK plastic sights go they have 4 issues:

1) they are plastic so are easily marred

2) the rear sight notch is too narrow for the front sight so there is very little to no light on either side of the front site

3) the white u notch rear site draws your attention to the rear sight vs the front site

4) with a proper sight picture the bottom 25% of the white dot on the front site is cut off so many shooters subconsciously elevate the front site in order to see a complete dot- thus shooting high

Vickers feels that the fact that they are plastic is really the least of their problems. He commented, “They are simply poorly designed pistol sights – period.”


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5 Responses to “Prototype GLOCK Sights from Vickers Tactical”

  1. Timmay says:

    I’d like to see a bit more of a hook to the front of the rear sight. Pair it up with a red TFO style front and I’d be inclined to give them a look but other than a deeper U notch I’m not sure I see a big inovation here, the look like Novak meets Hiene with a little VTAC thrown in, not a bad blend though.

  2. Zack says:

    Looks similar to the Trijicon HD set up. Not a bad place to start from.

  3. Jon Meyer says:

    I am liking these so far. I currently use Ken Hackathorn sights on my 19 and love them. I just wish the rear sight was a tad bit taller in the case I have to do a one hand slide manipulation; more area to grip on with a taller sight. I might just swap out my rear with one of these and keep the Ken up front; depends on how the Vickers front turns out.

  4. Justin Lucenti says:

    They reming me a whole heck of a lot of the Warren Sights.

  5. Justin Lucenti says:

    They remind me a whole heck of a lot of the Warren Sights.