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Thank You For Your Hospitality SureFire & 5.11 Tactical

I’d like to personally express my thanks for last week’s outstanding writers event hosted by SureFire and 5.11 Tactical. It was extremely well organized and I appreciate the opportunity to see behind the curtain. I’d particularly like to call out Mike Voigt and Barry Dueck as well as Danny P for their instructional skills.


I’d also like to mention the additional sponsors: Aimpoint, Dueck Defense, Firebase Combat Studies Group, Hornady, Lewis Machine & Tool, Mystery Ranch, Pitbull Tactical, Safariland, and Zev Technologies. The event would not have been possible without your support.

Finally, thanks to Leah, Tom and Garin for herding us cats and putting up with our incessant attempts to derail your marketing plans. Dave R, the insight into 5.11 was quite eye opening. You guys have assembled quite a team.

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