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Quantico Tactical Thursday – US Air Force Authorizes LMT’s SOPMOD Buttstock for All Users

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Now all career fields may purchase and use the LMT SOPMOD buttstock for M4 and M4A1 carbines in the USAF inventory. The long-time preferred stock of US Special Operations Command and employed by AFSOC for years, the LMT SOPMOD Stock’s ergonomic features provide comfort, functionality and reliability. The shape of the stock allows the user to find the perfect cheek weld every time.


The rubber padded buttplate provides a non-slip surface, ideal for use with chest rigs and body armor. Included in the stock’s frame are two watertight storage compartments that hold batteries, victory cigars or other small items. The stock provides a tighter fit to the buffer tube, allowing for a more stable shooting platform (no more wobble).

Available from Quantico Tactical via our GSA Schedule or DLAs TLS Program.

For a quote or more information about Quantico Tactical or the LMT SOPMOD Stock please e-mail GovtOps@QuanticoTactical.com, call 910.944.5800 or visit www.quanticotactical.com

Ask SSD – Is This The LMT SURG Candidate?

Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Dear SSD,

This carbine showed up on “House of Cards”. Is it the first public view of LMT’s Suppressor Upper Receiver Group candidate fir SOCOM or did someone in the prop department give tge actor a rifle with no barrel?


Dear Karl,

We’re going to punt and crowdsource this one. Although, we’re leaning toward “short barrel” rather than “SURG”.

Perhaps a reader has some insight?


Tactical-Life.com & Panteao Productions Present – LMT DMR Stock and SLK8 Receiver

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Tactical-Life.com and Panteao Productions got some excellent video coverage during SHOT Show and we thought it would be great to share it with our readers here at SSD. This video introduces the Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) DMR Stock and SLK8 Receiver.

The new LMT DMR AR buttstock released during SHOT Show is designed for use with a mil-spec carbine extension tube, offering three separate position adjustments. In addition, the cheek weld height and the length of pull can both be adjusted to 45 different positions. Intended for 3-gun competitions, the slick side SLK8 receiver (think LM8 with no rails) offers a stainless steel 5R cut-rifled barrel (available in 16″ and 20″) with a 1-in-7.5-inch twist rate, an ambidextrous magazine release, a two-stage match trigger and Ergo grip.

For the full story, visit Tactical-Life.com/magazines/guns-and-weapons/lmt-new-2014.

Thank You For Your Hospitality SureFire & 5.11 Tactical

Monday, December 9th, 2013

I’d like to personally express my thanks for last week’s outstanding writers event hosted by SureFire and 5.11 Tactical. It was extremely well organized and I appreciate the opportunity to see behind the curtain. I’d particularly like to call out Mike Voigt and Barry Dueck as well as Danny P for their instructional skills.


I’d also like to mention the additional sponsors: Aimpoint, Dueck Defense, Firebase Combat Studies Group, Hornady, Lewis Machine & Tool, Mystery Ranch, Pitbull Tactical, Safariland, and Zev Technologies. The event would not have been possible without your support.

Finally, thanks to Leah, Tom and Garin for herding us cats and putting up with our incessant attempts to derail your marketing plans. Dave R, the insight into 5.11 was quite eye opening. You guys have assembled quite a team.

NZ Army’s New Designated Marksman Rifle

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

The New Zealand Army has adopted a variant of the LMT 308 MWS. Here is a video talking a little about the weapon and showcasing some training.

NBOW Range Day – Bushnell

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Here is the Bushnell Elite Tactical Scope mounted on an LMT 308 MWS. It is a 3 x 21 scope and features the Horus 59 reticle and large turrets to facilitate adjustments in low light and inclement weather. Look for it after the first of the year.


Bushnell Products are available through Simpson Sales Company, Inc.

LMT to Giveaway Rifle at SHOT Show

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Visit LMT in booth #20255 in the Law Enforcement section in order to introduce you to the 2011 product line and their SHOT Show specials. You can also enter to win a Lewis Machine & Tool CQB16 while you’re there – it will be quick and painless. All they have to do is scan your badge and you’ll be entered. The winner will be notified once everyone is back from the show. LMT says that they think they’re pretty up-town with their scanner and that they want you to be part of the up-town atmosphere.


STAT and LMT Collaborate on the Quick Fire Sight System

Friday, December 31st, 2010

STAT International, in association with Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT), has developed an angled offset mount system for mini red dot (MRD) optics. The Quick Fire Sight System (QFSS) as it is known, maintains height over bore consistent with the primary optics commonly used on A2 platforms, eliminating the “prairie-dogging” often associated with top mount MRDs. When mounted to the rear of the rail, the red dot can be easily accessed and the dot is already in field of view when at the high ready. According to testing conducted by STAT, 86% of evaluators and testers preferred the rear mounting position which allows the sight to be on the same focal plane as the primary optic.

The QFSS is designed to be used as a primary/backup to a magnified optic such as an ACOG or most Sniper/DM precision optics. This provides the precision shooter the ability to patrol and have a rapid acquisition, close quarter sight at the ready. The LMT manufactured mount attaches to any Picatinny-spec rail, works for both left or right hand, is machined from T6 aluminum and comes with all necessary mounting hardware. The system was initially developed by competitive 3 gun shooters needing quicker, accurate close shot acquisition, and was rapidly adopted by the military close quarter combat community.

For more information, please contact info@statintl.com.

LMT Quick Fire Sight System