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Vertx to Incorporate Fighter Designs’ Airflow Technology

Congrats to Adam Slank and the whole crew at Fighter Designs. You may recognize the name from their “Magnetic Velcro.” We have had some interesting conversations about the development of the Airflow Technology. Some of you make trousers made by Fighter Designs but I am looking forward to seeing how the technology works with the Vertx aPhantom pant.


(Cincinnati, OH 08 JAN 14) Vertx Apparel, the tactical brand and innovation design arm of Fechheimer Brothers, is proud to announce they have signed a licensing agreement with Fighter Design of Austin, TX. This new partnership will allow Vertx to incorporate Fighter Design’s proprietary Airflow Technology into new models of the world’s best tactical pant.

“Fighter Design’s ‘Airflow Tech’ has been on my radar for a while now,” says Vertx Director of Sales Darrell Morrow. “As an apparel feature there’s nothing else like it. It’s proven to keep you cool. Adding it as a feature option to Vertx tactical pants is frankly just an awesome evolution.”

Fighter Design’s Airflow Technology has already garnered well-deserved attention for shooters, athletes and operators who must work in high temperatures. It’s an aggressive, well designed system that utilizes extremely tough mesh material in strategic locations like the inseam of the pant legs and cargo pocket interiors to create a cooling flow of air into the pants.

“We’re very excited to be working with Vertx on this,” says Fighter Design’s Adam Slank. “They’re an amazing company and we’re all big fans of the Vertx brand. Of all the brands in the market, we really wanted to work with Vertx. People just need to try the new pants in order to feel the airflow for themselves. Some things need to be experienced.”

Though the partnership is a young one, an initial project will be debuted at the NSSF SHOT Show, Booth #126. This will take the form of a limited run of ‘Phantom Ops Powered by Airflow.’ Note that a small number of these pants will be available for preorder at the Vertx booth and on line—and doing so may very well guarantee participation in some otherwise invite-only after-business-hours Vertx SHOT Show events.



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6 Responses to “Vertx to Incorporate Fighter Designs’ Airflow Technology”

  1. Major Smoof says:

    Nice! Love these pants as they are, but have to admit the regular weight ones cans get quite warm.

    This is certainly a welcome addition.

  2. Halligan Hooligan says:

    I look forward to getting a pair or two for down here in South Florida. Looks great!!

    • AGL Bob says:

      I wear the Phantoms every day in South Florida. Almost as cool as shorts and hold up well.

  3. Orlando Gomez says:

    Would love a pair but $175 is way steep