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SHOT Show – Under Armour

Under Armour has completely resigned the Valsetz boot from top to bottom and call it the Valsetz RTS (Redesigned Tactical Shoe).


The tread has been changed and the instep has been upgraded for Fast rope operations. The replaced the stitching in the upper with a welded reinforcement. Additionally, the entire shoe is DWR coated. The top incorporates the Clutch Fit technology from their football shoes. This fit works much like taped ankles without the additional weight.


All told, it’s 2 ounces lighter than the precious model. The Valsetz will continue to be available for some time, but the RTS models are coming July 2014 from ww.underarmour.com in Tan, Black and Coyote.

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7 Responses to “SHOT Show – Under Armour”

  1. TeD says:

    Any one else seeing the tioga comp 3 tire tread pattern from days gone by on the tan ones?

  2. Sal says:

    Didn’t know they were that precious SSD lol.

  3. Matt says:

    Damn TeD, I was thinking the exact same thing! That tread design can’t be by accident.

  4. OmegaDR says:

    Maybe it’s just me. UnderArmour, why the HUGE logo on the soles of the boots? I understand product branding and all that crap. But some who may wish to use this product, maybe operating in areas in which they need to keep their presence covert. NOTHING screams POSITIVE ID like a unique boot imprint. Geez, between you guys and 5.11, no thought when into that part of your boot design.

  5. somaro says:

    Plastic, marginal shoe profile, glued sole.
    After three months this boot is for the dump.

    Even Under Armour should make clothes only.
    Their boots are the same c**p as the boots from 5.11, Bates and the other americans. Sorry about that.

    Really, that is NO shoe profile, I don’t know what this knots are, but with a profile like this you can directly take a boot without a profile.

  6. mr bean says:

    They tried issuing these for a while at our department, the tread lasted 3 months and the soles began to come apart for everyone. Everyone said they’re comfy, but don’t last a bit

    • somaro says:

      This is a company which makes boots. Good boots. Boots you can walk a year and longer on the street or in the mountains. And at this boots you can repair the sole.
      Try it, no one can make better shoes then Haix, Lowa and Hanwag.