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OR – Brunton


The Hydrogen REACTOR from Brunton was actually launched at Summer OR. Over the past 6 months they’ve improved the storage capacity of the HYDROCORE cylinder. It now produces up to 30 AA batteries of potential energy. The hydrogen is stored in a solid state rather than gaseous making it more stable for transportation. Meaning, it is cleared to be airline safe. However, beware of uneducated TSA agents who may be wary of the technology.


The REACTOR is where all of the magic happens. As soon as a HYDROCORE is inserted into a REACTOR, it immediately begins to produce electricity. The power can be ported to a power bank or used to directly power electronic items.


The only by products are a low amount of heat and water. And by a low amount of heat, you can comfortably hold it in your hand.


Brunton was founded on making compasses. In fact, they still manufacture the Pocket Transit in Wyoming. There is a variant of the Pocket Transit some of you cannon dockers may be familiar with; the M2 artillery compass that features mils.


The new World’s Best Compass takes design cues from the venerable Pocket Transit but streamlines the features for more casual use. While the Pocket Transit has a machined aluminum chassis, the WBC uses a lighter polycarbonate body. And, the WBC does not feature the inclinometer of the professional grade Pocket Transit.


For their other orienteering models, they’ve incorporated a new global needle that is balanced for use in both Northern and Southern Hemispheres. If you use the wrong needle in the wrong hemisphere you may encounter severe needle drag. Additionally, the three higher end compasses feature rare earth magnets which offers stronger attraction to magnetic north in addition to resistance to de magnification as well as jewel bearing for smoother needle movement.

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3 Responses to “OR – Brunton”

  1. Tom says:

    I have an older 8099, great compass but I wish it had tritium.

  2. Alex says:

    That hydrogen charger is slick!

  3. Ben says:

    To Europeans many of the products are well known under the name Silva, a Swedish company. At least in Europe Silva offers several originally non-military compasses such as the 15TDCL as in angular mils 1/6400 versions. When I was an active mountain infantry officer in the German army, I favoured the Silva one over my officially issued Breithaupt, and it still serves me well.