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OR – 5.10


The number approach shoe gets better. 5.10 is launching an Updated Guide Tennie in February. It features deeper, wider lugs and a stiffer midsole. It’s now even better for climbing but still a hiker and now, it’s also available in a mid-top height.


5.10 has also just made a major upgrade the Camp 4. Although it’s lighter than the older model, it features a completely new outsole. Some of the weightless is due to a reduction in foam meaning it will also dry faster. Like the Guide Tennie, the Camp 4 is now also offered in a mid-top height.


Finally, the popular Water Tennie continues to be a dominant watershoe. And, I believe it’s the only trade compliant water shoe on the market. And I know it’s the only one with sticky rubber.


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2 Responses to “OR – 5.10”

  1. Rob says:

    Im digging the new look guides.

    Has the Camp Four finally gotten rid of the bulbous heel they used to have?

  2. Aaron says:

    Any expansion to the enforcer series?