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SHOT Show – Crye Precision – Six12


Probably the biggest surprise at SHOT Show was the debut of Crye Precision’s Six12 Breaching Shotgun. The threat to the breacher is great. He remains exposed at the breach point while at work. Oftentimes he will use a shotgun to breach but these are Masterkey-style short barrel shotguns with limited capacity (generally, 3 shells). If the breacher is engaged, he may be unable to reach his sidearm or carbine and in many cases, he foregoes the carbine altogether due to not having enough hands. Then, there’s that pesky small capacity of the standalone breaching guns. The 3 or 4 shells (if one in the chamber) may not be enough in the event multiple doors must be breached as a building is accessed. The gun can be reloaded but it’s a slower process than replacing a magazine,


The idea of a carbine mounted, revolver-style breaching shotgun with a removable/replaceable cylinder magazine came to Caleb Crye in a dream and he brought firearms engineer Eric Burt onboard to make the concept a reality.


It offers a revolving cylinder containing Six 12 ga shells (hence the name) in a bullpup configuration that retains a full barrel length while keeping the overall length short enough for stand alone or carbine mounted use. Crye Precision has developed a patent pending means to deal with the recoil of a bullpup configuration so that it doesn’t affect the carbine. When the trigger is pulled the cylinder rotates like with a revolver but before the round is fired, it moves slightly forward to mate with the barrel in order to contain the force and flame. Considering the location of the round in relation to the shooter, this is critical.

In this video produced for SSD by Blind Owl Media, weapon designer Eric Burt goes over some basics of the Six12.

Crye Precision Six12 breaching shotgun at Shot Show 2014 from boo keller on Vimeo.

According the Eric Burt, these should be available for agency purchase by December with individual sales commencing after the new year.


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5 Responses to “SHOT Show – Crye Precision – Six12”

  1. pbla4024 says:

    Why would you need a dream to get idea for revolver shotgun? Russians are making one. And cylinder moving forward before shot was implemented by Nagant more than hundred years ago.

    • Mike Nomad says:

      Kind of what I was thinking. Taurus has been making the Judge since 2010. They even have a carbine version. Then there is the 90s predecessor, the Thunder Five.

      • defensor fortisimo says:

        It goes even further than that, the south africans had a model as far back as the 90s with the Armsell Striker. The advantage here is having a model that can operate under a carbine. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the table in and of itself, but it combines a number of good ideas into a great one.

  2. RockStarArtist says:


    No idea is made in isolation. The foundation of previous thoughts, compounded upon one another, with the extraction of excess and the unwieldy, can propagate a new convention, that properly executed, can be awe inspiring in its construction.

    — RockStarArtist, Baltimore MD 01/29/2014