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Marines Seeking Enhanced Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble

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In January, MARCORSYSCOM released a pre-solicitation for an “Enhanced Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble” or EFRCE. While it sounds like something completely new, really what the Marines are looking for is a version of the Blouse and Trouser from the Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) that incorporates but improved fabrics and Permethrin treatment. There are no plans to alter the current cut or design of this popular uniform.

In terms of a general description, EFRCE is similar to the current Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble (FRCE) in the Marine Corps inventory; however, the design and fabrics used to construct the FRCE have been modified to increase durability (as such, producing the EFRCE)…Also, of note, following contract award, each shirt and trouser of the EFRCE must be factory permethrin treated and must conform to the permethrin concentration levels and percent bite protection requirements, as established by the Marine Corps.

They want vendors to use the following fabric types:

Cloth, Type I – Woven, Woodland, Marine Corps Pattern (MARPAT) Camouflage Printed
Cloth, Type II – Woven, Desert, MARPAT Camouflage Printed
Cloth, Type III – Woven, Navy Working Uniform (NWU) II, Desert Digital Camouflage Printed
Cloth, Type IV – Woven, NWU III, Woodland Digital Camouflage Printed
Cloth, Type V – Knit, Coyote, Solid (All Uniform Types)

Based on this, as you can imagine, the EFRCE will be offered in 4 variants:

As you can see, the Marines and Navy have no plans to abandon their camouflage patterns anytime soon. But, Marines and Sailors will have a great uniform in both woodland desert variants.

Class 1, Type I EFRCE Blouse and Trouser, Woodland MARPAT, with Durable Insect Protection
Class 1, Type II EFRCE Blouse and Trouser, Desert MARPAT, with Durable Insect Protection
Class 2, Type III EFRCE Blouse and Trouser, NWU II Desert Digital Camouflage Printed, with Durable Insect Protection
Class 2, Type IV EFRCE Blouse and Trouser, NWU III Woodland Digital Camouflage Printed, with Durable Insect Protection

As of now, the EFRCE will be produced by Hub Zone-based small businesses.

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6 Responses to “Marines Seeking Enhanced Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble”

  1. Matt says:

    Does this mean the torso will be Coyote on all the variants as opposed to matching the dominant color in a single pattern (ie tan for Desert MARPAT, Coyote for Woodland MARPAT)? If so, I wonder if it’s anything to do with concealing the limits of ballistic vest coverage?

  2. Angry Misha says:

    Soooo… FROG in AOR-1 & 2. Hmmm probably cheaper than PCU Level 9. Good way for NAVSPECWAR/NAVSOF/WARCOM (or whatever they’re calling themselves this week) to reallocate some of those MFP-11 dollars to something else in SPEAR by using a “Service Common” solution.

    • SSD says:

      But no integrated kneepads…

      • Angry Misha says:

        Meh, “integrated knee pads” are only a rigger shop away. While not ALL of my previous predictions have come to fruition during this debacle, it appears that this one is panning out i.e.: WARCOM, realizing that AOR-1 & 2 will not be funded in the PCU line anymore will make a drug deal to keep it.

        It’s funny to note that in 2010, Marines asked for integrated knee and elbow pads in FROG. However, their operational requirements were voted down by “box kickers & label lickers” because it fell into the “not invented here” category.

  3. MK EOD says:

    You know…if they’d have just recolored UCP to, tan, coyote, and ranger green, the ACU would probably work fine and the Army could’ve stuck with the pattern. Then at least the services would have the same pattern, and the same overall look, if not the same camo exactly.

    Well, except the Air Force and our silly digi-tigers. I vote for the USAF to steal SURPAT from the Russians, who got the pattern from the Marines, who got the pattern from the Canadians. To my eye it looks Air Forcey, and would be a damn sight better in any operating environment than the ABU.

    Then we’d all be one big happy digital family, and nobody would get their feelbads all spun up because they have to wear the same color pants as the other guys.