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Design Like You Mean It – Ditto Slim Wallet

Last Spring I had a chance to visit NEMO Equipment. One thing that struck me was a sign that said, “Design Like You Mean It.” Check this video out on the design process for the new minimalist Ditto Slim Wallet and then you’ll understand what they are up to.

Using paper, masking tape, staples, elastic, rubber bands, fabric, welding, stitching, sewing, it took 65 prototypes to arrive at the final design of the Ditto Slim Wallet. On the surface, this is an inside look at the design process involved in making the Ditto Slim Wallet. But much deeper than that, it’s an ode to the necessity of play and exploration in design. Some of the best designs come out of feeling free to fail, and not being afraid to make something that doesn’t work. This is a reminder to celebrate the failures as much as the success of the final design. Learn more about the design of Ditto Slim Wallet…



One Response to “Design Like You Mean It – Ditto Slim Wallet”

  1. GW says:

    Yep, I have another nemo wallet, this video made me buy two more.