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Mayflower Offers HK417 Magazine Carriage Options

Mayflower Research & Consulting offers several carriage pouch options for HK417 magazines to integrate MOLLE or as inserts for pocket systems.

417 Triple Magazine Placard

First off, the 417 Triple Magazine Placard is a quick attach/detach placard allowing the end user to quickly change weapon systems without removing the rest of his equipment (radio, med etc).

417 Magazine Insert

The Double HK417 Magazine Insert is designed to be used in-conjunction with the APC or LPAC/LPAAC in either the front kangaroo pocket or as an insert into the standard cumberbund pocket.

417 Single Open Top Magazine Pouch

The HK417 Single Mag Pouch, Open Top incorporates an adjustable shock cord retention system. The front of the pouch has two rows of MOLLE webbing to attach additional pouches.

417 Triple Open Top Magazine Pouch

MRC HK417 Triple Open Top Magazine Pouch
The HK417 Triple Mag Pouch, Open Top holds three HK417 20 round magazines with an adjustable shock cord retention system. At the front of the pouch are two rows of MOLLE webbing to attach additional pouches.

Now, all of these pouches integrate the PALS compatible, Helium Whisper backer. Berry Compliant, Mayflower pouches are offered in several colors including Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, MultiCam and Desert Digital. Check for availability.


8 Responses to “Mayflower Offers HK417 Magazine Carriage Options”

  1. Reseremb says:

    Sorry for asking, but there is any US Mil/Fed/LE unit using HK417s? Apart of some European SOF units and German’s G28 I don’t think is a very demanded rifle.

    • Mike says:

      I had the exact same question.

    • SSD says:

      And yet, MRC was asked to make pouches…

      • Reseremb says:

        Yeah yeah, I could imagine that MRC make them because some customer (big one, due the amount of different models of pouches) asked for them.

        But who/what the hell are using them? And a lot more important, are they finding the same fucking problems that other users with 417s? At least with the first models… we have some units here in a CT unit and well, “not bad” is the best they can said about this rifles. Army SOF and Big Army tested them and just sent them back to manufacturer :/

        What kind of sorcery is in the 417s of MRC’s customer that is making them to order such quantity of mag pouches!

      • Mike says:

        Excellent snark, but doesn’t answer the question.

  2. Ed says:

    AFAIK the insert is only for the APC as the LPAC and LPAAC do not have front kangaroo pouches and the LPAC does not have a side cummerbund pocket.

  3. Chris K. says:

    The LPAAC does have kangaroo pocket now.