Three Sixty Corporation – Advanced Combat Helmet Light (ACHL)

The ACHL helmet light from Three Sixty Corporation is a tactical, lightweight center-mounted, multiple-output helmet light. It features four white LEDs, two red LEDs, one blue lens for medical personnel, and a blackout cover.


The ACHL features a durable, lightweight polymer body. The weight of the ACHL is only 1.25 oz, and is powered by a single CR2 3V battery. It is capable of producing 35.2 lumens with a runtime of 8.9 hours, and 6.2 lumens of red flood light with a run time of 25.6 hours.

The white LEDs function as general-purpose, immediate work area illumination. The red secondary LEDs provide center-mounted illumination without producing a large light signature. The blackout cover slides into place for adjusting the amount of light used, or eliminating light entirely.

The ACHL is designed to attach to any Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH) and Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) via the included centrally located mount. With this mount, the light can be rotated 360 degrees, and can also be quickly removed from the mount by removing the battery cap. The ACHL also comes with a lightweight headband, eliminating the need for a separate quick-use headlamp.

Currently available for pre-order.


4 Responses to “Three Sixty Corporation – Advanced Combat Helmet Light (ACHL)”

  1. HD says:

    Great concept to acheive dual functionality between task lighting and NVG use.

    One area that continues to be problematic for Soldier systems lies in power management, supply/ sustainment, and compatiblity/ interchangibiltiy between all the various devices.

    We’ve managed to narrow the field down significantly to where MOST devices are powered directly (or through use of adaptors) by AA, DL123, and BA 5590 series batteries. (Granted there are exceptions, but those exceptions still use batteries more readily available through the supply system.

    This product misses that mark with introduction of another, speciality battery size that can be difficult to find even in CONUS, let alone in a sustained deployed environment.

  2. CRH says:

    Where did you guys come up with the design? That looks just like a Surefire minimus prototype I saw a few years ago during a visit to the R&D department at Surefire to look at new helmet light concepts. I imagine in the wake of the purging that took place in 2010 to save the company from bankruptcy some of the unused IP left with some of the employees.

    • CRH says:

      It was a cool concept but it interferes with some NODs and types of eye pro and blocks out some of your sight picture when laying in the prone. It also has interface issues with scoped rifles.

      • Big Juju says:

        +1 on interfering with eyepro. That’s the first thing I thought. I put 100 mph tape on my NVG mount to keep it from scratching my eyepro. This would just make it worse.