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Warrior Expo – Belleville / Tactical Research

Belleville recently added a new boot to their Tactical Research line called the MINI-Mil Transition boot.


Last year, Tactical Research unveiled the MINI-Mil boot, inspired by popular minimalist running shoes. It only features a 2mm heel to to drop making it a very flat boot. FR folks who aren’t used to barefoot running, this was a bit too much so TR came up with this new model. The MINI-Mil Transition offers a 6mm heel to toe drop which feels more “natural” for those wearing traditional combat boots. It remains a lightweight boot at 15.5 oz per pair. However, whereas the MINI-Mil features an unlined upper, the Transition model incorporates Aero-Spacer breathable, hydrophilic mesh lining. Additionally, this 8″ high boot is AR 670-1 compliant. Offered in Tan and Coyote, full sizes 6-14 (R&W) and half-sizes 6.5-11.5 (R&W).


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8 Responses to “Warrior Expo – Belleville / Tactical Research”

  1. Pdubs says:

    I’m just disappointed at the number of these boot manufacturers that are manufacturing their products overseas. I would never serve in a U.S. Military uniform wearing tan military boots that were manufactured anywhere other than the USA.

    • SSD says:

      You need to get out more.

      • Pdubs says:

        Think about the context in which I wrote my statement: “U.S. Military Uniform wearing tan military boots…” I’m not saying that I won’t wear my ASOLO or Salomon on a patrol because I prefer them, but while in garrison and wearing a proper U.S. military uniform, I feel those boots ABSOLUTELY should be American made. For anything else, such as people who are training with the minimalist boots, wearing a costume, or playing airsoft etc., I don’t have any issues with that.

        • bloke_from_ohio says:

          That is just silliness. False nationalism and bravado. Leave the bone headed Juche ideology to the NORKS. We don’t have time for “not invented here, not made here.”

  2. bobX says:

    I don’t like doing it either.

  3. Aaron says:

    When is it available, it’s not in their online catalog

  4. Omega 2-6 says:

    I am a fan of their previous boots after wearing them for several years and look forward to trying these.

  5. james says:

    I look forward to trying these, the mini mils are some of my favorite boots.