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SHOT Show – CRKT’s Woods Chogan & Kangee T-Hawk Designed by Ryan Johnson

CRKT introduced two new Ryan Johnson Tomahawk designs at SHOT Show, the Woods Chogan and Kangee T-Hawks.


You probably know Ryan Johnson from his own RMJ Tactical. He’s done a couple of designs for them in the past such as last year’s Chogan and Kangee T-Hawks that differ from these new models because of handle material. Weighing in at 2 lbs, 1.4 oz, these new Woods versions feature a 19.13″ long handle of Tennessee hickory, sealed with lacquer.

The heads of both models are made from 1055 steel and measure just over 4″. The Chogan offers a Hammer, while the Kangee incorporates a Spike on the head.

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19 Responses to “SHOT Show – CRKT’s Woods Chogan & Kangee T-Hawk Designed by Ryan Johnson”

  1. Ryan sure has a design. I will own one of his designs some day.

  2. joe says:

    SSD seems to have this strange obsession with tomahawks.

    If a soldier in my unit showed up with one , the flack he’d get would never end.

    Stick to real combat and breaching tools and stop trying to play Indian.

    • SSD says:

      They are used by some as breaching tools. Plus, they can be used for what I use them for, camp chores. If you don’t want one, don’t buy one.

      • Sneaky Pete says:

        You’ll be breaching a long—time with one of those.

        • SSD says:

          With one of these maybe. Depends on what you are breaching but home skillet talked about all hawks. There are several breaching hawks out there. If you don’t like them, don’t use them. Others do.

    • They have also been used offensively too

    • SGT Rock says:

      Sounds like someone hasn’t studied hand to hand fighting or been in a real CQB situation. You can deliver an incredible amount of power in a blow with a tomahawk and usually disable the target. Paired with a knife in a CBQ scenario against a lesser armed opponent, they aren’t going to fair so well.

      • Helmets says:

        tell us how it is, Mr. Bourne

        • joe says:

          Have YOU swung a tomahawk in a tight hallway in full battle rattle with your cqb teammates? Knife yes, last of the Mohicans no.

    • Red says:

      The same way he has an obsession with other products in the industry just for reporting them?
      I suspect you’ve never used one heavily…

  3. Sneaky Pete says:

    BS. Those are for taking scalps and anatomical war trophys. It no secret.

    • Bill says:

      You say that like its a bad thing;)

      I’m not hacking through whatever they make doors, windows and walls with overseas, but ‘hawks are pretty much universal keys to the average mobile home or HUD housing unit here in the States. And people tend to tell you where the dope is when you start into the wall where the dog hit. Much more fun than a Sawzall, but granted, a notch below a gas rescue saw.

  4. Sneaky Pete says:

    Your correct. Thats where they belong- in the trunk of a patrol car or little red fire truck.

    • Sneaky Pete says:

      Are you advocating war crimes Mr. Bill? Americans are suppose to be better than that.

      • Bill says:

        No, hence the emoticon. And I’ll assume that if you had actionable knowledge of such things you went straight to the appropriate authorities.

        Any tool can be misused, or it may be used in a context that people are unfamiliar with. We carry knives to “cut seatbelts” and “save hanging victims” and along the way it may be necessary to filet the forearm muscle off someone trying to get our pistol out of the holster. I absofreakinglutely expect everyone from the ACLU to the Channel 7 ITeam reporter with the cleavage and tight ass to PETA to howl in shock about the horror of it all when that happens. But if the level of force is justified, it matters not the tool used to apply it.

        I own a number of hawks, hatchets and axes and find them incredibly useful tools, on the job and off. And the one I carry on the job doesn’t ride in the trunk. That’s where the full-sized axe and bow saw are.

  5. Tommyhawks! says:

    Never understood the hate for these things. Great for when you’re out camping. And yes can be used for ‘CQB’ hand to hand but not likely it’ll happen. But on that reasoning you could argue why do you need $200-300 defensive knife?

    Not saying we should outfit everybody with one, it’s just a tool in the toolbox. Granted some never need it.
    Fact is they were used for hundreds of years by all kinds of people and on account of Craftsmanship alone justifies the

  6. Kris says:

    I’m getting a couple as gifts for my groomsmen.

  7. Cache says:

    In the battle for independence from the British Crown, militia were required to have a tomahawk or sword as standard equipment. Not everyone could afford a sword, but they could afford a tomahawk. They’ve been cracking skulls for 8000 years. It’s a simple matter of physics. Why not use a tool that gives you a mechanical advantage and reach? Especially if it has great utility value as well.