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Warrior Expo – Watershed

Watershed has been producing the SOF Waterproof Bag System in both SEAL and SWCC variants. The SEAL version consists of 5 bags and the SWC version, just 3. Fairly recently, the NSW had Watershed update the kits.

First up, they’ve updated the Large Pack Cover to the Kodiak V2. The waterproof zipper now runs North/South making it easier to get into and these will now be stocked at SOFSA and can be requisitioned by authorized users in conjunction with a Granite Gear Chief Patrol Pack.

Kodiak Ver 2

This is the new liner for the issue 3-Day Assault Pack by Mystery Ranch. It integrates a roll top closure and inflation tube. In fact, inflation tubes are standard on the entire set.

3-DAP Liner

The new addition is a Mil-Spec version of the popular Ocoee waterproof duffel. It integrates belt loops and can be worn in front, around the waist, for water jump ops.


Additionally, they have updated the Pro-Mask Bag to accommodate the M53 Mask/ It retains the drop leg carry strap.

Pro Mask Carrier

Not shown is the Weapon Bag.

The kits are offered in Black and Alpha Green.


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