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The Gear Locker Reviews The TYR Tactical Gunfighter Belt

TYR Tactical Belt

Check out their review www.thegearlocker.net/2014/03/tyr-tactical-gunfighter-belt

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6 Responses to “The Gear Locker Reviews The TYR Tactical Gunfighter Belt”

  1. Andrew says:

    Great belt, however the review is lacking a bit. IMO the best way to run this belt is to remove the pad and have the velcro on the belt itself switched to hook (the factory or any stitch-bitch can do this). This way the belt interfaces with the loop velcro on the riggers belt holding your trousers up. This prevents shifting and keeps things right where you want them.

    • AdamG says:

      I’ve found the best of both worlds depending on how I’m setting it up, is use a strip of Velcro Back-to-Back Hook 88/Hook 88 to join an inner belt and the gunfighter when wanting to wear in the fashion you describe if you still want to use the pad at times.

    • matty says:

      Agreed. I guess I’m spoiled by MMs reviews.

  2. Ju Con says:

    …or you leave it as is, so that it can be worn sans pad without abrading your pants, belt, or untucked shirt. There are a good number of dedicated inner-belts that have hook tape on the exterior, that can interface with it.

    There are other potential issues, that are more interesting.

  3. Stefan S. says:

    Have to get one. TYR makes nice kit.

  4. steave says:

    Aussie designed belt