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ROSCH Works – SL1


The ROSCH Works SL1 is the an integrated front sight and weapon light. It combines an adjustable front sight post with a 250+ lumen light in a compact, lightweight package – 3.5″, 3.2 oz. with battery. This allows the user to mount a light at the 12 o’clock position while maintaining a front sight in the same position, maximizing rail space for additional accessories and reducing overall weight. The SL1 is capable of a run time of 50 minutes full output from a single CR123A battery. A twist-style tailcap allows for three modes of activation: always off, momentary on, always on; the SL1 operates only on high mode.

Available in Black Cerakote and Flat Dark Earth Cerakote (over Type III hardcoat anodizing). Made in the USA.


ROSCH Works also makes the SLA1, an adapter for the SL1 which allows it to be used with SureFire E-series tailcaps and pressure pads.


7 Responses to “ROSCH Works – SL1”

  1. Stefan S. says:

    Interesting. But not a fan of a quarter sized obstruction down my sights.

  2. Luke says:

    This is a fantastic idea, if I ran a fixed front sight I’d be all over this.

  3. matt says:

    is it going to align with the rear sight? Is 50 minutes of run time on par with that lumen output and battery size?

  4. cameron says:

    now if only they would do this with the inforce wml

  5. One Perspective says:

    I have been using a light at the 12 o’clock position for years, and always with a fixed front sight, for reasons that are valid for my operating environment. I like my light at the 12 because my light can illuminate anything I can acquire in my sights. You only need to run through drills on a VTAC barricade at night using white light to make this point ‘glaringly’ apparent. Second, I like the ambidextrous-ness of having the light at the 12. Third, having the light at the 12 tends to protect the light from breaking, though I have still broken light bezel’s and switches, just not as many.

    The SL-1 seems like a nice light, but I have never seen one in real life. I use the Tango Down FFA on both my personal riles and my 416 at work, and it does the job nicely. The FFA on my work rifle has taken a beating, so it will be interesting to hear about the realworld durability of the SL-1. Does anyone use it on a work rifle in real world operations? I think we would all like to hear about your experience if you have. I also like that I can use the FFA with different lights. I use it with an inforce WML on my work gun and a SFX300 on my personal one, but another guy on my team uses the FFA with a SF mini scout. I have ran this set up for the last 4 deployments with no issues.

    I always run a Fixed Front Sight. No matter how cool you think your optic is, it is bound to have a problem eventually. Usually this is caused by the shooter, but Murphy does tend to stop in from time to time, usually when you are 30 seconds out from target. I also find that lights are so powerful these days that they often washout/overpower red dots that were dialed down for infil, so it is good to have the option of a front sight post to focus on during those moments when you forget to dial the sight back up before entry. I don’t want to have to take the time to flip something up, push a button, or do anything else when a target presents 10 meters away. I want to point and click. This may not be useful in your operating environment, but it is in mine. I’m glad to see that companies are recognizing these realities and coming up with product solutions.